Our Previous Research Projects

Besides our current research projects the School of Archaeology & Ancient History staff at Leicester have been involved in a number of completed major field and research projects in recent years, in different parts of the world. Below is a selection of these projects, including our leading role in the discovery and identification of Richard III:


Addressing the Invisible thumbnail

Addressing the Invisible: Recycling, Glass and Technological Practice in the 1st Millennium AD



Cesenatico 2008

Ad Novas - Cesenatico, Archaeological Research Project




Big Data thumbnailBig Data on the Roman Table




British and Irish Prehistory thumbnail

British and Irish Prehistory in their European Context




Chicken projectThe Chicken Project



A Criminal Body Hanging in the WindThe Criminal Corpse




MacSweeney cultural heritageCultural Heritage and Peacebuilding




The Cultured Rainforest thumbnailThe Cultured Rainforest Project




Desert Migrations




Fazzan Project thumbnailThe Fazzan Project




Frome Hoard thumbnailThe Frome Hoard




The Hallaton Treasure Project





Hoarding thumbnailHoarding in Iron Age and Roman Britain




The Impact of Diasporas thumbnailThe Impact of Diasporas on the Making of Britain: evidence, memories, inventions




Landlord Villages thumbnail

Landlord Villages of the Tehran Plain




jain250.jpgMapping Faith and Place




Exmoor Minilith ExcavationThe Miniliths of Exmoor




Nile thumbnailThe Nile in the Western Imagination




People and Spaces thumbnailPeople and Spaces in Roman military bases




Peopling the Desert thumbnailPeopling the Desert




Pompeian Houses thumbnailPompeian Houses and Households




Readting Danebury thumbnail

(Re)dating Danebury Hillfort and Later Prehistoric Settlements in the Environs




Pseudo-Skylax thumbnail

Pseudo-Skylax - A 'Scientific' Geographer




RIII portrait and skullRichard III




Spice Trade thumbnailRoman and Islamic Spice Trade




Tracing Networks thumbnail

Tracing Networks: Craft Traditions in the Ancient Mediterranean and Beyond




2011 trench view from westWallingford Burh to Borough




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