Dr Leo Webley

Research Associate, ‘Tracing Networks’ Project

Email: lw218@leicester.ac.uk


Leo Webley completed his PhD research on the social archaeology of the household in Iron Age Denmark (University of Cambridge) in 2002. He then worked in development-led archaeology, first at the Cambridge Archaeological Unit and latterly as a Post-excavation Project Manager for Oxford Archaeology. During this time he was involved in the analysis and publication of numerous prehistoric sites in southern Britain. In 2008 he was appointed as a Research Associate at the University of Reading for the project British and Irish prehistory in their European context. He joined the Tracing Networks team at the University of Leicester in October 2012.


Leo’s research interests include the later prehistory of temperate Europe; the archaeology of the household and domestic space; ceramic analysis; and the practices, outcomes and social context of development-led archaeology. He is currently working on the following research projects funded by the Leverhulme Trust:

Mint Condition – Coinage and the development of technological, economic and social networks in the Mediterranean and beyond (with Prof. Colin Haselgrove)

This project, which forms part of the wider ‘Tracing Networks’ group of projects, investigates the adoption of coinage during the Iron Age across Mediterranean and temperate Europe. It aims to elucidate the varying social contexts for the early use of coins in different Iron Age communities. This will be approached primarily through examining the archaeological find context of coins from excavated sites.

British and Irish prehistory in their European context (with Prof. Colin Haselgrove, Prof. Richard Bradley and Dr Marc Vander Linden)

This project aims to reassess the relationships between Britain, Ireland and the near Continent from the Neolithic to the late pre-Roman Iron Age, drawing particularly on the results of recent development-led excavations. It also aims to evaluate the ways in which differing research traditions, legislative frameworks and fieldwork techniques across northwest Europe influence our understanding of prehistory.


For 2013 Leo will be the co-ordinator of the third year module Later European Prehistory (AR3067).



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