Research Interests

Kalapodi, Early Iron Age coarsewares. Macro photographs of breaksSara’s research interests centre around the study of every-day life in the human past, encompassing household archaeology, the archaeology of food and ancient subsistence strategies, life-cycle studies of objects, the organization of craft production, as well as the impact of social, economic and political change on the life within small communities.

Ceramics are of particular interest to her; Sara’s specialization is on the Aegean Late Bronze and Early Iron Age, when ceramics represent the single most numerous group of finds, used in settlements, burials, and ritual contexts, and found at the even the smallest sites of this period. A long neglected field in the context of Aegean archaeology, she focuses particularly on the study of coarsewares – mainly pots for the transport, storage, and preparation of food stuffs. These coarse pots are usually undecorated and lend themselves to the study of fabric, forming and finishing methods as typological and analytical criteria. However, in order to understand their use by past societies, coarsewares have to be regarded as part of larger ceramic assemblages; this created an interest in the application of quantitative and statistical methods to the study of archaeological deposits, aiming at the documentation and reconstruction of site-specific ceramic assemblages.

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