Dr Andrea Roppa

Andrea Roppa

Research Associate ‘Tracing Networks’ Research Programme

BA, MA, PhD (Padova, Italy), FHEA

Email: ar336@leicester.ac.uk


Andrea studied classical archaeology at the University of Padova, where he completed his academic education. His 2010 PhD thesis focuses on urban and rural communities and city-country relationships in Punic Sardinia throughout the Hellenistic period.

In 2009 he was appointed Research Associate at the University of Glasgow to work with Peter van Dommelen on the Tracing Networks subproject Colonial Traditions: Ceramic Production in Iron Age and Punic Sardinia. To work on the same project, he joined the School of Archaeology and Ancient History in 2012 as Research Associate.

The Colonial Traditions project explores interaction between Nuragic Sardinia’s local inhabitants and Phoenician newcomers by focusing on traditional artisanal (ceramic) practice to trace long term developments of ceramic production, use and consumption in Sardinia throughout the 1st millennium BC.



Selected Recent Publications

A. Roppa in press (2013), Comunità urbane e rurali della Sardegna punica di età ellenistica, Sagvntvm Extra. València: Universitat de València.

A. Roppa in press (2013), Identifying Punic Sardinia: local communities and cultural identities, in The Punic Mediterranean: identities and identification from Phoenician settlement to Roman rule, 6-7 November 2008, Rome, British School, eds. J. Quinn & N. Vella (Archaeological Monographs of the British School at Rome), Rome: British School at Rome.

A. Roppa 2012, L’età del Ferro nella Sardegna centro-occidentale. Il villaggio di Su Padrigheddu, San Vero Milis, in The Journal of Fasti Online: http://www.fastionline.org/docs/FOLDER-it-2012-252.pdf

A. Roppa and P. van Dommelen 2012, Rural Settlement and Land Use in Punic and Roman Sardinia, in Journal of Roman Archaeology 25, 49-68

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