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Professor Foxhall has published extensively on gender in classical antiquity, as well as on agriculture and the ancient economy. She has written Olive Cultivation in Ancient Greece: Seeking the Ancient Economy (in press) and co-edited Justifications not Justice: the Political Context of Law in Ancient Greece (1996, OUP), Thinking Men: Masculinity and its Self-Representation in the Classical Tradition (1998, Routledge) and When Men were Men: Masculinity, Power and Identity in Classical Antiquity (1998, Routledge). She is presently working on a new book, Studying Gender in Classical Antiquity (CUP).

Craft bowl

Research Projects

‘Tracing Networks: Craft Traditions in the Ancient Mediterranean and Beyond

This project looks at objects ranging from cooking wares and coins to wall paintings and loom weights. We trace the links between the people who made, used, and taught others to make them.

By investigating many crafts, we explore the impact different technologies had on each other. For example, making a cooking pot isn’t so easy – how do craft workers come up with good ‘recipes’, shapes, and firing techniques for making convenient heat-resistant pottery?

Where do they source their materials and sell their wares; and how do the recipes themselves travel, change, and improve?

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