Sarah Colley

ColleyCVPic01May13Crop.jpgSarah Colley completed her PhD in Archaeology at the University of Southampton and was appointed Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Prehistory at the Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University. Her initial work focused on past human diets, economies and environmental change through study of shells, mammal and fish bones from sites in Britain and south east Australia. As Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Sydney (1990-2012) she developed new research and teaching in archaeological ethics and theory, heritage management, public archaeology, Australian Aboriginal pre-history and historical archaeology.


Sarah relocated to the UK in 2013 and runs her own research and consultancy business. As Honorary Visiting Fellow, School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester she is collaborating on development of digital research resources for Penelope Allison’s Kinchega Archaeological Research Project. She Co-Directs the New South Wales Archaeology Online sustainable digital archive and e-publication project with Martin Gibbs (Archaeology, University of Sydney). She is also conducting interview-based research into theoretical, ethical and other impacts of digital technologies on communication and practice in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage Management.

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