Dr B. Tyr Fothergill

Honorary Research Fellow

image of Tyr teaching

BA, MA, PhD (Leicester), FHEA, MCIfA

Email: bf63@le.ac.uk


I am no longer employed on the AHRC-funded Science in Culture project: Cultural and Scientific Perceptions of Human-Chicken Interactions, but my research applied palaeopathology and osteometrics to archaeological materials in order to create fresh and nuanced understandings of chicken breeding and husbandry from domestication to the present day.

For other research activities and a recent list of publications, please see my blog.

My Doctoral Inaugural Lecture: "A Tale of Two Turkeys"

The online component for my exhibit for the Research In Translation series: Untold Innovators: contributions of women to the poultry industry. The exhibit was on display at the School for Museum Studies, University of Leicester, from June 2015 - February 2016.

I did an interview with Dr Joseph Schuldenrein on past turkey-human relationships for Voice America's Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality, and 21st-Century Archaeology (Link automatically activates audio)

Dr Catherine Flick and I were interviewed by Eleanor Flegg for RTÉ's Culture File on how archaeology and ethics inform on digital human-chicken relationships as part of The Interactive Past Conference at Leiden University, where we presented our paper Clucks and Clicks (Link automatically activates audio).


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