Dr Nichole Sheldrick

Senior Research Associate in Digital Archaeology

Nichole Sheldrick PhotoSenior Research Associate in Digital Archaeology

BA (McMaster University), MA (University of Alberta), DPhil (University of Oxford)

Email:  ens4@leicester.ac.uk

Personal details

Nichole Sheldrick is Senior Research Associate in Digital Archaeology, for the Endagered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa (EAMENA) project, a collaboration between the Universities of Leicester, Oxford and Durham (eamena.org), and funded by the Arcadia Fund. Her research in this position focuses on investigating and developing methods for the application of  Automatic Change Detection of satellite imagery to heritage management and protection. Nichole previously held the position of Training Manager for Tunisia and Libya for the British Council Cultural Protection Fund project “Training in Endangered Archaeology Methodology with Middle East and North African Heritage Stakeholders”.  and between 2015 and 2020, was a Post-Doctoral Research Associate on the EAMENA project at the University of Oxford, focussing primarily on the archaeology of Libya and Tunisia. Since 2012 she has taken part in archaeological fieldwork in Tunisia, Morocco, and Egypt, and prior to coming to the UK in 2010 to begin her doctorate, she worked for several years in the commercial archaeology sector in Ontario, Canada.


My research interests include the archaeology of North Africa, with particular emphasis on the Roman and Late Antique periods in Libya and Tunisia, rural architecture, settlement, and landscapes, remote sensing, satellite imagery analysis and heritage documentation and protection.


Sheldrick, N. 2021, forthcoming. Building the Countryside: Rural Architecture and Settlement in Tripolitania during the Roman and Late Antique Periods. Society for Libyan Studies.

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Nikolaus, J., Rayne, L., & Sheldrick, N. 2020. The EAMENA and MarEA Projects: Notes on current Training and Research in Libya and beyond. Quaderni di Archeologia della Libia 22.

Sheldrick, N. & Zerbini, A. 2017. “A heritage inventory for documenting endangered archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa.” ISPRS Annals of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences. IV-2-W2, 237–241, https://doi.org/10.5194/isprs-annals-IV-2-W2-237-2017.

Rayne, L., Sheldrick, N. & Nikolaus, J. 2017. “Endangered Archaeology in Libya: recording damage and destruction”. Libyan Studies 48: 23–49.

Fradley, M. & Sheldrick, N. 2017. “Satellite imagery and heritage damage in Egypt: a response to Parcak et al. (2016)”. Antiquity 91(357): 784–792.

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