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Academic Staff


PositionResearch and PhD Supervision AreasEmail
David Mattingly FBA, MAE

Head of School Professor of Roman Archaeology

Roman Britain & Africa; Roman economy; Roman imperialism & identity; Roman landscapes; Saharan archaeology

Penelope Allison

Professor of Archaeology Household archaeology (Roman & historical); Pompeii; Roman art & archaeology; consumption approaches to Roman artefacts; space & gender; digital archaeology

Jo Appleby

Associate Professor of Human Bioarchaeology Human osteology; funerary archaeology; Bronze Age Britain & Europe; archaeology of the body

Huw Barton

Reader in Bioarchaeology

Ancient starch analysis; organic residue analysis; microwear; technological analysis of stone & organic tools; South-East Asian & Australian archaeology; hunter-gatherer archaeology & ethnography
José Carvajal López Lecturer in Historical Archaeology

Islamization; ceramics analysis; historical archaeology; Islamic archaeology & heritage; medieval & post-medieval Iberia; the Persian–Arabian Gulf

Neil Christie

Professor of Archaeology

Late Roman archaeology; early medieval & medieval archaeology; urbanism; defence; late Roman & early medieval Christianity
Rachel Crellin Lecturer in Later Prehistory Neolithic & Bronze Age Britain; archaeological theory; metalwork wear-analysis; experimental archaeology; material culture studies; prehistoric death & burial; Bronze Age violence

David Edwards

Lecturer in Archaeology

Sudanese–Nubian archaeology; Sudanic Africa–trans-Saharan medieval to historical archaeology; landscape archaeology; mortuary archaeologies

Mark Gillings

Reader in Archaeology

Landscape archaeology; experiential landscape theory; GIS in archaeology; critical historiographies of the antiquarian tradition

Mary Harlow

Associate Professor of Ancient History

Roman dress & textiles; Roman age & ageing (childhood, youth, adulthood, old age); Roman family; gender & the body

Oliver Harris

Associate Professor of Archaeology

Neolithic Britain; archaeological theory; archaeology of the body; prehistoric communities; emotion & affect in archaeology

Colin Haselgrove FBA

Professor of Archaeology

Iron Age Britain & Europe; early coinage; Iron Age–Roman transition; later prehistoric settlement & landscape; Iron Age & Roman material culture & deposition

Simon James

Professor of Archaeology

Archaeology of conflict; violence & military institutions; the Roman army; Rome & its neighbours; visual representation of the past

Turi King

Professor of Public Engagement; Reader in Genetics & Archaeology

Furthering interdisciplinary research combining the field of genetics with history, archaeology, anthropology, forensics & epidemiology
Jack Lennon Lecturer in Ancient History Roman religion, ritual & magic; Roman cultural history; political landscape of 1st century BC
Lindsay Lloyd-Smith Teaching Fellow in Archaeology South-east Asian prehistory; mortuary archaeology; landscape archaeology

Naoíse Mac Sweeney

Associate Professor of Ancient History

Greece & Near East; Greek historiography & foundation myths; late Bronze Age to classical Anatolia; East Mediterranean politics & cultural heritage
Ellie Mackin Roberts Teaching Fellow in Ancient History Greek history; Greek religion
Jane Masséglia Lecturer in Ancient History Hellenistic social history; status & display in the Greek world; Greek & Latin epigraphy; classical art & archaeology; funerary art; Anatolia; body language & emotions in antiquity

Andrew Merrills

Associate Professor of Ancient History

Roman, Vandal, & Berber North Africa; ancient geography; Late Antiquity & the early medieval world; the post-Roman successor states of the West

Deirdre O'Sullivan

Lecturer in Archaeology

Medieval archaeology & material culture, especially monasticism; urban archaeology; archaeological heritage, interpretation & presentation of the past
Nikki Rollason Teaching Fellow in Ancient History Dress & religion in Late Antiquity
Alice Samson Lecturer in Archaeology Indigenous Caribbean archaeology; pre-Columbian & colonial Caribbean; households, settlements & caves; integrated landscapes; material culture; indigenous religion

Sarah Scott

Associate Professor of Archaeology

Roman provincial art; villas & mosaics; archaeological approaches to art; the antiquities market; history of archaeological publishing

Graham Shipley

Professor of Ancient History

Landscapes, politics, & economies of Hellenistic Greece; Hellenistic material culture & society; Greek geographical writings; the Peloponnese

Dan Stewart

Lecturer in Ancient History

Hellenistic & Roman Greece; urban & rural landscapes; intersection of text & material culture; the Greek East; Roman Crete

Sarah Tarlow

Professor of Historical Archaeology

Archaeology 1500–1900; historical archaeology of northern Europe; archaeological ethics; archaeology of death & burial

Jeremy Taylor

Lecturer in Archaeology

Archaeology of later prehistoric & Roman landscapes; archaeology of western Roman provinces; theory & method in landscape research
Mara Tesorieri Teaching Fellow in Archaeology Osteoarchaeology
Richard Thomas Reader in Archaeology Zooarchaeology; past human–animal relationships; animal palaeopathology; agricultural economy; food as material culture

Ruth Young

Reader in Archaeology

Archaeology of South Asia & Iran, particularly historical periods; ideology & material culture; ethnoarchaeology; transhumance

University of Leicester Archaeological Services

NamePositionAreas of ExpertiseEmail
Richard Buckley OBE
Co-Director Urban archaeology; historic buildings; Roman painted wall-plaster
Patrick Clay Co-Director Prehistoric landscapes; small finds
Nick Cooper
Project manager
Roman pottery; small finds; romanization of material culture; Roman–Anglo-Saxon transition
Vicki Score Project manager

Large-scale mineral extraction sites; EDM landscape surveys; CAD & GIS

Research Fellows and Associates

Pilar Diarte Blasco Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow Late antique urbanism & landscape in Hispania
Stuart Eve Living with Monuments Project GIS; computational landscape research
Andrew Fitzpatrick Postdoctoral Research Associate Leverhulme Caesar project

Maria Gatto

Research Associate, Trans-Sahara

Funerary archaeology; pottery

Niccolò Mugnai Research Associate Libyan Antiquities at Risk project
Julia Nikolaus Research Associate Libyan Antiquities at Risk project

Louise Rayne Research Associate, Endangered Archaeology
Martin Sterry Postdoctoral Fellow, Trans-Sahara
Remote sensing; desert landscapes  

Emeritus Professors

Honorary Lecturer

Marilyn Palmer MBE Emeritus Professor of Industrial Archaeology Industrial archaeology
Clive Ruggles Emeritus Professor of Archaeoastronomy Archaeoastronomy
Marijke van der Veen Emeritus Professor of Archaeology Archaeobotany, environmental archaeology, archaeology of food

University Fellows, Honorary Staff

NamePositionSubjectHome Institution
Elisa Alonso Lopez Honorary Visiting Fellow Tracing Networks project
Lara Band Honorary Research Fellow Historical archaeology Museum of London Archaeology
Paul Beavitt Honorary Visiting Fellow Ethnoarchaeology University of Leicester
Roger Bland OBE Visiting Professor Numismatics British Museum

Alasdair Brooks

Honorary Visiting Fellow

Historical archaeology; ceramics Freelance archaeologist, Dubai
Martin Brown Honorary Visiting Fellow Operation Nightingale Environmental advisor, Archaeology
Jean-Pierre Brun Visiting Professor Greek & Roman technology; olive & wine production in the ancient world Collège de France
Duncan Campbell Honorary Visiting Fellow Hellenistic history University of Leicester

Jasper Chalcraft

Honorary Visiting Fellow

Cultural heritage


Duncan Cloud Honorary Visiting Fellow Roman history; Roman law University of Leicester
Fran Cole Honorary Visiting Fellow Material culture; funerary archaeology UCL

Sarah Colley

Honorary Research Fellow

Australian archaeology & heritage; digital technology; archaeozoology

University of Leicester

Jago Cooper Honorary Lecturer Climate change; indigenous archaeology British Museum
Margarita Díaz-Andreu
Visiting Professor
History of archaeology; heritage; identity; rock art ICREA, University of Barcelona
Zoe Dyndor Honorary Visiting Fellow Funerary archaeology
Matt Edgeworth Honorary Visiting Fellow Anthropology; waterways University of Durham
Julia Farley Honorary Visiting Fellow Iron Age Europe; material culture
Lin Foxhall Hon. MBE Honorary Professor Gender in classical antiquity; Greek legal history; the ancient economy; olive production
Anthony Gouldwell
University Fellow Environmental archaeology
David Gaimster
Visiting Professor
Historical archaeology
The Hunterian, University of Glasgow
Jan Haywood Honorary Visiting Fellow Greek historiography; Homeric & Herodotean reception; intellectual culture in 5th century BC; religion & belief in antiquity; narrative theory Open University
Matty Holmes Honorary Visiting Fellow Analysis of animal bones; faunal remains; Wallingford project
Terry Hopkinson Honorary Lecturer Lower–Middle Palaeolithic transition; hominin population dynamics; knowledge transmission; lithic technology; Neanderthals & modernity; nature, culture & disciplinary history in human evolution
Alessandro Launaro Honorary Visiting Fellow Archaeology & history of Roman Italy University of Cambridge

Kevin Leahy

Honorary Visiting Fellow

Portable antiquities; early medieval metalwork

British Museum/PAS

Borja Legarra Herrero Honorary Visiting Fellow Aegean Bronze Age University of Leicester
Peter Liddle MBE Honorary Visiting Fellow Leicestershire archaeology Leicester City Council
Lluis Lloveras Roca Honorary Visiting Fellow Late Pleistocene hunter-gatherer populations of the Iberian peninsula University of Barcelona
Roy Loveday Honorary Research Fellow Neolithic prehistory Freelance archaeologist
Pamela Lowther Honorary Research Fellow Early historical archaeology Freelance archaeologist
John Matthews FBA Visiting Professor
Late Roman history Yale University
Benjamin Millis Honorary Visiting Fellow History & archaeology of Corinth
Phillip Mills Honorary Research Fellow Materials & technology University of Leicester
Graham Morgan University Fellow Conservation University of Leicester
Paul Newson Honorary Research Fellow Roman archaeology American University of Beirut
Francis Pryor MBE Visiting Professor
Archaeology Freelance Archaeologist
Alessandro Quercia Honorary Visiting Fellow Mediterranean archaeology & material culture Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici del Piemonte e del Museo Antichità Egizie
Nick Ray Honorary Visiting Fellow Roman material culture; funerary archaeology; identity Assistant Director, Oxford Roman Economy Project, University of Oxford
Katharina Rebay-Salisbury Honorary Visiting Fellow Bronze & early Iron Age central Europe Austrian Academy of Sciences
Maria Relaki Honorary Visiting Fellow Greek archaeology Open University
Carme Rissech Honorary Visiting Fellow Geometric morphometrics University of Leicester
Christophe Rivet Honorary Visiting Fellow International heritage ICOMOS Canada
Katie Robbins Honorary Visiting Fellow Portable antiquities British Museum
Adam Rogers Honorary Lecturer Roman urbanism & the north-western provinces
Andrea Roppa Honorary Visiting Fellow Tracing Networks project
Roderick Salisbury Honorary Visiting Fellow Prehistoric archaeology Marie Curie AIRFORS Project, Airbourne Technologies GmbH
Denis Sami Honorary Visiting Fellow University of Leicester
Aimee Schofield Honorary Visiting Fellow Hellenistic military history; Classics outreach
Wendy Scott Honorary Visiting Fellow Outreach Leicestershire County Council
Kirsty Shipton University Fellow Latin & ancient history; the Greek economy
University of Leicester
Andrew Shortland Honorary Visiting Fellow Forensic archaeology Cranfield University
Patrick Skinner Honorary Visiting Fellow
Clive Stannard Honorary Research Fellow Numismatics
Adam Stout Honorary Visiting Fellow Independent scholar
Sara Strack Honorary Visiting Fellow Bronze & Iron Age Mediterranean; Tracing Networks project
University of Leicester
Michael Tully Honorary Visiting Fellow University of Leicester
Mark van der Enden Honorary Visiting Fellow University of Leicester
Melissa Vetters Honorary Visiting Fellow Late Bronze Age–early Iron Age utilitarian pottery in Greece & Italy; Tracing Networks project
Ian West Honorary Visiting Fellow Industrial archaeology University of Leicester
Ian Whitbread Honorary Lecturer Ceramic petrology; ancient & traditional pottery production & technologies; trade & exchange in the ancient world; exploitation of geological materials; Aegean prehistory
Jacqueline Wilson Honorary Visiting Fellow Roman Britain & Late Iron Age Ireland (AD 1–500) University of Bristol
Stephen Young Honorary Visiting Fellow Landscape archaeology of Iron Age & Roman Northamptonshire

Professional Services Staff

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School Professional Services Staff

NamePositionArea of ResponsibilityEmail
Julie-ann Bateman Administrator Timetabling; Field School/Trip Administration; Open & Visit Days; Induction; Graduation

Danielle de Carle


Technical support for teaching & research; maintenance & management of labs & equipment

Gus Dinn

Emily Gray

Operations Manager

Course Administrator

Oversees all adminstration in the department

Undergraduate & postgraduate taught (MA) programmes; Exams; Mitigating Circumstances; Attendance

Julia Montes Landa Technician Technical support for teaching & research; maintenance & management of labs & equipment
Debbie Miles Williams Archaeological Illustrator; Outreach Co-ordinator Archaeological illustration; outreach & careers
Selina Thraves Academic Resources Administrator Team Leader
Andy Boyle Research Resources Administrator Support for research projects; PhD programme support

Clare Holyoak

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Support

Distance Learning Enquiries (apart from PhD)

Introductory, Undergraduate, & Taught Postgraduate

Lara Callaghan Distance Learning Team Leader
+44 (0)116 223 1364

Nichole Bruce Student Support Officer +44 (0)116 252 2903

Leanne Boyle Student Support Officer +44 (0)116 252 2903

Nathan Dunham Student Support Officer +44 (0)116 252 2903

Layla Farrar Student Support Officer +44 (0)116 252 2903

Kate Parker Student Support Officer +44 (0)116 252 2903


Other enquiries

Tel +44 (0)116 252 2772/2720

Neolithic and Bronze Age Britain; archaeological theory; metalwork wear-analysis; experimental archaeology; material culture studies; prehistoric death and burial; Bronze Age violence

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