Research Students

 Topics available for PhD supervision

  • Ceramic petrology
  • Ancient and traditional pottery production and technologies
  • Trade and exchange in the ancient world
  • Exploitation of geological materials
  • Aegean prehistory

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Current students

Jerolyn Morrison: The Art and Archaeology of Cooking: A Technological Study of Late Minoan Cook-pots

Chris Doherty: Living with Clay: Materials, Technology, Resources and Landscape at Catalhoyuk

Carmen Giomar Sanchez: The Economy of the Late Postclassic Maya: A Regional Perspective Base on Ceramic Production Organization in Northern Yucatan, Mexico

Maria Gradoli: Inter-site Relationships and Exchange Networks in the Bronze to Iron Age Transition in the Cagliari Region, South Sardinia, Italy


Past students

Alexander Kirkish: Bead Exchange among the Kumeyaay Indians

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