Research interests

Research Themes

Ian’s research interests lie in the analysis of ancient ceramic materials with respect to issues of trade/exchange and the socially embedded nature of technology. His book on Greek transport amphorae: a petrological and archaeological study (British School at Athens 1995) characterises the raw materials and ceramic technologies used in Greece to produce jars for the transportation of liquid and semi-liquid produce (mainly wine and oil). It also presents a methodology for the petrographic analysis of pottery thin sections which has been widely adopted in Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean. Ian recently completed a major diachronic study of raw materials used in pottery production from the Neolithic to Modern periods in the Berbati Valley, Greece; an upland border zone situated between the two major Greek states of Corinth and Argos. Using pottery from survey and excavations he showed that a radical change took place in the selection of pottery clays in the Late Roman and Late Antique periods, reflecting a marked technological shift with this new phase of occupation. Ian is currently investigating Middle to Final Neolithic ceramic production and exchange networks in the southern Aegean and at Kouphovouno in the Peloponnese. He is also a participant in the Leverhulme Trust funded “Tracing Networks” research programme. His Plain Cooking project is examining developments in the production of cooking and utilitarian pottery during the Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age transition in mainland Greece. Ian is currently engaged in the technological study of Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age utilitarian pottery at the sites of Lefkandi and Asine, Greece.


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