Research interests

Research Themes

My research interests centre on social change in Iron Age Britain and the Western Roman provinces through study of their rural landscapes, as well as on the interrelationship between theory and method in survey-based archaeological research (e.g. geophysics, geochemistry and aerial survey).

Much of my work has focussed on the role and significance of rural social interaction and agency on the development of wider Late Iron Age and Roman society in Britain. This is part of a longer term interest in the significance of rural communities in determining broader trajectories of social change during and after their incorporation within the Roman World.

Aspects of this work have seen the publication of a monograph and several papers characterising broad patterns in rural settlement, land use and industry in Roman Britain and their social significance. This is currently extending into an interest in the role of rural communities in the foundation, topography and economic and social isolation or integration of urban settlements in Roman Britain, which builds upon earlier field research on the topography of urban and smaller roadside settlements in Britain, Spain and Italy. I am currently engaged in a major fieldwork project investigating Iron Age and Roman occupation at Burrough Hill hillfort as well as survey work investigating the inter relationship between Roman roadside settlements and their immediate rural landscapes in the Midlands of England.

A further aspect of my work has been on the adaptation of common survey strategies to novel archaeological challenges. This has ranged from large scale survey of green field urban sites to geochemical survey of Iron Age and Roman rural landscapes to the use of geophysics in characterising pre-contact period archaeological sites in North America.

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