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My research interests focus on cultural interaction in the Hellenistic and Roman eastern Mediterranean, with a focus on what is now mainland Greece and Crete. Most recently this has entailed research projects on Roman Knossos, change and continuity in landscape and land use within the Peloponnese of Greece, and how landscapes affect communities over time. I have been attempting to use landscape studies as a means of accessing more than just economic data about past societies, but as windows into how societies, and people within societies, interacted.

My research methodology involves the integration of both urban and rural data, from a variety of sources. My current work on Knossos uses a new programme of geophysical investigation and archival research in order to help illuminate the Roman city.

I have experience integrating archaeological field survey data, excavated material and textual data  in order to assess the disparate areas of this geographically divided landmass. My fieldwork at Sikyon formed a part of this broader research initiative. Broadly, this research highlighted the range of responses to changing socio-political situations within the Peloponnese. Moreover, it shows that ‘Greece’ rarely, if ever, reacted to such circumstances in a monolithic or unified manner.

This work on archaeological landscapes has led to an interest in exploring literary landscapes, or how landscapes (both urban and rural) were represented within ancient sources. This has led to research on the historiography of landscape and landscape archaeology. In other words, exploring the relationship between ancient texts, archaeological materials, and the way we frame our understandings of the past.


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