Research students

Topics available for Ph.D. supervision

Topics suitable for Ph.D. supervision could include:

  • Greek geographical writings
  • Hellenistic societies and economies, especially in Greece and the Aegean world
  • field survey data from late Classical, Hellenistic, and early Roman Greece
  • late classical and hellenistic states and of Greece and the Aegean (especially the polis or city-state, and federalism)
  • Macedonian and Roman rule in Greece
  • Hellenistic material culture and society

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Ph.D. supervision

I have supervised successful Ph.D.s on the Celts and the hellenistic world (Duncan Campbell), hellenistic–Roman landscapes in southern Greece (Dan Stewart), Greek astronomy (Efrosyni Boutsikas, with Clive Ruggles), and classical Greek drinking-places (Clare Kelly-Blazeby, with Lin Foxhall).

Currently I am supervising Ph.D.s on the hellenistic gymnasion (Dorothea Stavrou), hellenistic material culture and assemblages (Mark van der Enden, with Dan Stewart), late hellenistic–Roman Thessaly (Crysta Kaczmarek, with David Mattingly), the image of Herakles/Hercules in the early Roman Mediterranean (Jane Ainsworth, with Sarah Scott), hellenistic Spartan history (Andrea Scarpato, with Dan Stewart), and memory in hellenistic Greece (Manolis Pagkalos, with Dan Stewart).

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