Journal editing

  • I edited the Annual of the British School at Athens from 1992 to 1996, introducing many improvements in refereeing, editing, and indexing.

Articles and chapters (selected)


'Aineias Taktikos in his intellectual context', in M. Pretzler (ed.), Aeneas Tacticus: War, Politics and Literature in Classical Greece (Leiden: Brill) (paper from the Aeneas Tacticus conference)


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2012. Pseudo-Skylax and the natural philosophers. Journal of Hellenic Studies, 132: 121–38. (as submitted); (as published, not open access)


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2007 - 'A tile stamp of Apollo Geronthratas', Pharos 15 11–13


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2006 - ‘Landscapes of the ancient Peloponnese: a human-geographical approach’, Leidschrift 21 (1) 27–43


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2003 - ‘Laconia Survey inscriptions’ Website (Oxford University)


2002 - (2nd author with W. G. Cavanagh, J. Crouwel) ‘The Laconia Survey: background and methodology’, (as sole author) ‘The survey area in the hellenistic and Roman periods’ and 'Indexes', in Laconia Survey i (details above), pp. 1–55, 257–337, and 439–65


2002 - ‘Rural landscape change in hellenistic Greece’, in K. Ascani et al. (eds.), Ancient History Matters: Studies presented to Jens Erik Skydsgaard on his 70th Birthday (Rome: ‘L’Erma’ di Bretschneider), 39–45


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1996 - 'The epigraphic material', 'Archaeological sites in Laconia and the Thyreatis', 'Site catalogue of the survey', and 'Indexes', in Laconia Survey ii (details above), pp. 213–34, 263–313, 315–438, and 439–59


1996 - 14 entries in The Oxford Classical Dictionary, 3rd edition (ed. S. Hornblower, A. Spawforth; Oxford: Oxford University Press), viz. 'Antissa', 'Calauria', 'Chios', 'Eresus', 'Icaros', 'Imbros', 'Lesbos', 'Methymna', 'Mytilene', 'Peparethos', 'Pyrrha', 'Samos', 'Sciathos', and 'Scyros' [to be reprinted, with revisions, in the 4th edition (2012)]


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1992 - 'Crossing the river: reflections on routes and bridges in Lakonia from the classical to Byzantine periods', Annual of the British School at Athens 87 293–309


1989 - 'Messapian Zeus: an early sixth-century inscribed cup from Lakonia' (2nd author with R. W. V. Catling), Annual of the British School at Athens 84 187–200


1988 - 'From Schliemann to surveys: archaeology and the study of Greek history', History Today 38 (5) 45–9










































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