Research students

Topics available for PhD supervision

  • History of archaeological thought and method
  • Roman provincial art
  • Romano-British villas and mosaics
  • Archaeological approaches to art
  • Ancient art and the antiquities market
  • The history of archaeological publishing
  • Archaeology and ancient history in education

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Current students

David Cardona Landscapes of death and commemoration: burial space, place and evolution from Phoenician to late Roman Malta (with N. Christie)

Ruben Montoya (M3C funded) Villas and mosaics in Spain (with Penelope Allison & Katarina Lorenz)

Jeanette Gimmerstan. Wiki on the rocks: A study of the western globalization of knowledge within archaeology.

Elizabeth Janovsky. Decorated gaming counters in the Roman world

Cristina M. Hernández. Domestic baths in Pompeii — A Phenomenological and Cultural Reading of Architectural Design and Space (with P. Allison)

Zoe Tomlinson. Romano-British wall painting.

Zoltan Palag (M4C funded). Late antique silverware in the British Museum (with N. Christie).


Past students

Heather KeebleRoman Archaeology in the News: The contribution made by the provincial press to the dissemination of Roman archaeological information in nineteenth century Britain. Graduated 2019.

Jane Ainsworth. Herakles on the Edge: How do objects depicting the figure of Herakles inform our understanding of artistic choices and identity during the expansion of the Roman Empire? Graduated 2018. Leicester Classics Hub Manager.

Eleonora Zampieri. Propogandist town planning between the Republic and Principate: Caesar, Pompey and the attainment of consent. Graduated 2017. Language Tutor, Languages at Leicester.

Giacomo Savani. The Evolution and the Role of Private Baths in Roman Britain: An Elite Becoming and Being Roman. Graduated 2017. Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellow, University College Dublin (from October 2019)

Laura Nicotra. Sculpture in the Forum of Trajan (with Prof. P. Allison). Graduated 2015.

Suzanne Mitchell. At the water's edge: An integration of archaeological and enthnographic methods in the study of rock art in northern central British Columbia, Canada (with Jago Cooper) Graduated 2015.

Safaa Abd el Salam. Conservation of Roman paintings in Egypt (with G. Morgan). Graduated 2000.





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