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I am leading a team of students and staff to make our research accessible for the widest possible audience. Our book Life in the Roman World: Roman Leicester is linked to resources for teachers entitled Life in the Roman World, which are suitable for KS2-3.

The book and resources are linked to the national curriculum and can also be used to support the teaching of OCR's GCSE Classical Civilisation and GCSE Latin. The book can be purchased via the University online shop. The book and classroom resources are based on the research of the School of Archaeology and Ancient History, the excavations and publications of University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS), objects in the Jewry Wall Museum Leicester and the Harborough Museum.

We are providing free classroom sets of the book to schools in Leicestershire and Rutland with the support of Classics for All and the University of Leicester. If you would like a free set for your school, please email to book a place on one of our free half-day training sessions, which explain how the book and resources can be used to support national curriculum subjects.

Find out more about our work in schools in the East Midlands.



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