Dr Adam Rogers

Research Associate

BA, MA, PhD (Durham), FHEA

Email: acr16@leicester.ac.uk

I rejoined the School in July 2014 as the third Research Associate on the joint British Museum and University of Leicester project 'Crisis or continuity. Hoarding in Iron Age and Roman Britain with special reference to the 3rd century AD.' My role on the project includes researching and discussing coin hoards and hoarding interpretation and analysis. An aspect of this includes an analysis of the archaeology of third century Britain in order to socially contextualise the concentration of coin hoards dating to this period.  

After completing my PhD at the University of Durham, and working for the Archaeological Services at Durham for a period, I moved to the University of Leicester to take up a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship in October 2009. This was completed in 2012 when I then undertook teaching at Leicester and the University of Manchester as well as spending a period out of academia. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and I have always been keen to incorporate my innovative research into my teaching.



As well as the Coin Hoards project, my research focuses on late Iron Age and Roman Northwest Europe with themes of interest including settlement and landscape archaeology, religion and ritual, archaeological theory and historiography. My doctoral thesis readdressed the theme of decline in our examination of late Roman archaeology and I am very keen to develop my interests in the later Roman period and the historiography of late Roman studies further. My British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship project examined another important theme in archaeology: water. It focused on the relationship between water and urbanism in the Roman period. Beyond the universal practical necessities of water, my project examines the way in which waterscapes formed components of the urban experience, the materiality of the urban form and the identity of urban dwellers. I also have interests in archaeological theory and I am working on a number of projects relating to the interpretation of Roman archaeology. 

Selected Recent Publications


Rogers, A. 2014. The Archaeology of Roman Britain: Biography and Identity. London and New York: Routledge.

Rogers, A. 2013. Water and Roman Urbanism: Towns, Waterscapes, Land Transformation and Experience in Roman Britain. Leiden: Brill.

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Rogers, A. 2011. Late Roman Towns in Britain: Rethinking Change and Decline. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Journal articles:

Rogers, A. 2013. Social Archaeological Approaches in Port and Harbour Studies. In A. Rogers (ed.) The Social Archaeology of Ports and Harbours. Special Edition of the Journal of Maritime Archaeology Volume 8(ii): 181-96.

Rogers, A. 2012. Controlling waterscapes in urban contexts in the Roman period. Revue belge de philologie et d'histoire 89.

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Book chapters:

Rogers, A. 2015. Indigenous communities under Rome. In C. Haselgrove, P.S. Wells and K. Rebay-Salisbury (eds.) Oxford Handbook of the European Iron Age. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Review Articles:

Rogers, A. 2013. Archaeologies of the North Sea and Channel. Journal of Roman Archaeology 25.

Rogers, A. 2013. Rural settlement in Roman Britain: current knowledge and future research agenda. A Review of three recent fieldwork reports. Britannia 43.


Book reviews:

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