Dr Sarah Newstead

Sarah NewsteadTeaching Fellow in Historical Archaeology

BA (Simon Fraser), MA (Memorial University of Newfoundland), PhD (Leicester)

Tel: (0116) 252 2846
Email: srn6@le.ac.uk

Sarah earned a BA in history and archaeology at Simon Fraser University and an MA in archaeology at Memorial University of Newfoundland before coming to Leicester for her PhD, which focused on early modern Portuguese-English socioeconomic interaction.  She joined the School as a Teaching Fellow in Historical Archaeology in January 2015.

Research Interests

My current research explores complex factors underpinning large-scale global export of Portuguese ceramics (particularly earthenwares) in the 16th through 18th centuries and how these activities challenge traditional narratives of Portugal's place in the formation of the modern world.  I am interested in the changing perceptions of these products as they shifted through cultural and geographical space in the early modern period.  My research also focuses on the development of alternative sensory approaches to material culture study, engaging closely with how smell and taste influenced the production, acquisition and use of ceramics from a variety of time periods.

Here is a video of my 2016 Doctoral Inaugural Lecture, 'Archaeology and the Hidden Community': http://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/red/researcher-development/DIL-video-archive/cssah/hidden_community


I teach on a variety of modules at undergraduate and postgraduate level, including coordination of the MA Historical Archaeology study tour.  I am also the director for our MA in Historical Archaeology.

Selected Publications:

Newstead, S. and Casimiro, T.  in press.  Strange Adventures in a City Made of Marble: Exploring Pottery Production in Estremoz, Portugal.  Medieval Ceramics. Scheduled for publication in 2017.

Newstead, S. in press. There is plenty of time to win this game, and to thrash the Spaniards too:  Deconstructing the Nationalist Histories of Plymouth, UK. In: Brooks, A., and Mehler, N., eds. The Historical Archaeology of Nationalism and National Identity. Gainesville: University of Florida Press. Scheduled for publication in 2016.

Newstead, S. and Casimiro, T.  2015.  A Cerâmica Portuguesa no Atlântico Norte (Séculos XVII-XVIII). O iniciar de um projecto de investigação. Al-Madan, II Serie (19), Tomo 2, pp. 64-69.

Newstead, S. 2014.  Cod, Salt and Wine: Tracing Portuguese Pottery in the English North Atlantic World.  North Atlantic Archaeology, 3, pp. 75-92.

Newstead, S. 2013. Merida No More: Portuguese Redware in Newfoundland. In: Pope, P., and Lewis-Simpson, S., eds. Exploring Atlantic Transitions: Archaeologies of Transience and Permanence in New Found Lands. Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology Monograph 8. Rochester: Boydell & Brewer, pp. 140-151.

Newstead, S. 2012  Portuguese coarseware in Newfoundland. In: Teixeira, A. and Bettencourt J., eds. Velhos e Novos Mundos. Estudos de Arqueologia Moderna. Lisbon: Centro de História Além-Mar, pp. 747-756.

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