Research Students

Topics available for PhD supervision

I would welcome enquires from prospective graduate students interested in working on late Antique North Africa, the successor kingdoms of the west or classical geographical writing. I am happy to supervise undergraduate/Masters level dissertations on any aspect of Roman, late Antique or early medieval history or on the representation of the ancient world in film and other media

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Current students

Jason Morris, thesis topic: 'From Imperator to Agrimensor: Lines of Power'. (First supervisor).

Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez, thesis topic: Constructing memories of Roman-Barbarian Interaction in North-Western Europe: "Myths" and national traditions in Dutch archaeological interpretation.  (Second supervisor)

Richard Sadler, thesis topic:The Visualisation of the Dress of the Poor in Late Antiquity.  (Second supervisor).

Brittany Thomas, thesis topic: Dominus et Deus: Imperial display and the evolving imagery of power in the Later Roman and Early Byzantine Empires, c. AD 300-600. (Second supervisor).




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