Research students

Topics available for PhD supervision

  • Roman Britain
  • Roman Africa
  • The Roman economy
  • Aspects of Roman imperialism, identity
  • Roman landscapes
  • Saharan archaeology

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I have supervised more than 30 students to successful PhD completion.

Examples of recently supervised PhDs include: Nick Ray, Household Consumption in Ancient Economies: Pompeii and the wider Roman world; Katie Huntley, Material Culture Approaches to the Study of Children and Childhood in the Roman World; Moftah Ahmed, Rural Settlement and Economic Activity: Olive Oil and Amphorae Production on the Tarhuna Plateau during the Roman Period; Matthew Hobson, Economic Growth, Specialisation and Socio-Economic Development in Roman North Africa; Ahmad Emrage, Fortified farms in Roman Cyrenaica; Ian Marshman, Making Your Mark in Britannia: the use of intaglios and their role in the production, and presentation of identity under the Roman Empire

Examples of current PhDs include:   Philip Hughes, I Forgot to Remember to Forget: curation, memory and the use of the prehistoric past in Roman Britain; Andrea Zocchi,The periphery of Lepcis Magna: suburban topography and land use of a Roman city; Ahmad Buzaian, Olive Presses and Oil Production in Cyrenaica (North-East Libya)

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