Research students

Topics available for PhD supervision

  • The archaeology of conflict
  • Violence and military institutions, especially 'the Roman Army'
  • The archaeology of the Roman provinces and related cultures
  • The representation of the past, especially in visual media

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Current students

  • Botan Maghdid, thesis topic: History and historiography of Roman : Sasanian relations in Northern Mesopotamia


Past students

  • Dr Jennifer Baird, currently Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, Birkbeck College, London, UK (graduated 2006, thesis title: 'Housing and households at Dura-Europos : a study in identity on Rome's Eastern Frontier')
  • Dr John Cater, currently President, Aztec Archaeological Consultants LLC, Aztec, New Mexico, USA (graduated 2007, thesis title: 'Anasazi violence : a study of patterns and interpretation of meaning')
  • Dr Andrew Birley, currently Director of Excavations, Vindolanda Trust, Northumberland, UK (graduated 2010, thesis title: 'The nature and significance of extramural settlement at Vindolanda and other selected sites')
  • Hayley Dunn, (graduated 2014: 'Roots of the British 1000 BC - AD 1000: Histories, Genetics, and The Peopling of Britain' (jointly supervised with Prof Mark Jobling, Genetics)
  • Anna Walas, (graduated 2014: 'Use of space in Roman military bases')
  • Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez, thesis topic: 'Rome and the ‘Barbarians’: Martial Interaction and mutual influence across/beyond the northern frontiers of the Empire'

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