Professor Ian Armit

Ian ArmitProfessor of Archaeology

MA Hons, PhD (Edinburgh), FSA, FSA Scot

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 2640


Personal details

I took both my undergraduate degree and my PhD in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh. I joined the School of Archaeology and Ancient History at the University of Leicester in 2018, having previously taught at Queen’s University Belfast from 1999-2006, and the University of Bradford from 2006-2018. My research centres on the cultural archaeology of the European Later Bronze and Iron Ages; the role of conflict and violence in non-state societies; and the demographic and genetic prehistory of European populations.


I teach on all three levels of Undergraduate Studies as well as Postgraduate Studies.


Main themes

  • Late Bronze and Iron Age Europe
  • conflict and violence in non-state societies
  • prehistoric demography and population change
  • Scottish archaeology
  • Greek and Roman colonial interactions
  • prehistoric art

Current projects

Genetic transformations in prehistoric Europe

I have recently been collaborating with the Reich Laboratory at Harvard University and others in the application of genome-wide DNA analysis to individuals from prehistoric Europe. Following a major study of the Europe-wide Beaker phenomenon (Olalde et al 2018), new work is planned on the Late Bronze Age/Iron Age populations of Britain and Europe.

The Covesea Caves Project

This project, funded by Historic Environment Scotland and Aberdeenshire Council examines the ritual and funerary use of a group of sea-caves on the Moray coast. It includes a major post-excavation and publication programme on the unpublished 1970s excavations from the Sculptor’s Cave; a Bronze/Iron Age/Pictish ritual site, and is continuing with fieldwork on neighbouring caves containing Bronze Age human remains. The project is co-directed by Dr Lindsey Büster, University of Edinburgh.

The Wetwang/Garton Slack Project

A large-scale project, funded by Historic England, is ongoing on the analysis and publication of the landscape-scale excavations at Wetwang/Garton Slack, East Yorkshire, carried out from the 1960s to ‘80s. The site contains inter alia Britain’s largest Iron Age cemetery.

Late Bronze and Iron Age Europe Iron Age Lives in Britain and Ireland

Professor Armit is currently working on a book, to be published by Routledge, based on a new analysis of the later prehistoric period in Britain and Ireland.

ENTRANS: Encounters and Transformations in Iron Age Europe

Professor Armit was PI on this recently completed collaborative project with colleagues from the Universities of Ljubljana and Zagreb (along with several other partners), investigating the nature of Iron Age cultural identities in the East Alpine region, between the social worlds of Mediterranean and temperate Europe.

Megara Hyblaea: colonial encounters and emerging urbanism in Iron Age Sicily

This collaboration with CNRS began involves geophysical survey at the Archaic Greek colony of Megara Hyblaea in Sicily. Three seasons of fieldwork have been funded by CNRS and the École Française de Rome.


I can supervise projects in the following research areas:

  • Conflict and violence in non-state societies
  • Prehistoric demography and population change
  • Scottish archaeology
  • Greek and Roman colonial interactions
  • Prehistoric art

Graduate Destinations

Several of my recent PhD graduates are now undertaking post-doctoral work including:

  • Dr Mary Saunders (2017) at University of Oxford
  • Dr Mike Copper (2015) at the University of Bradford
  • Dr Mhairi Maxwell (2013) at V&A Dundee
  • Dr Emily Fioccoprile (2015) at the University of Arizona
  • Dr Lindsey Büster (2013) is a teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Nivien Speith (2013) is now lecturing at the University of Derby
  • Dr Sarah King (2010) is now lecturing in Anthropology Cerro Coso Community College, California
  • Dr Rachael Reader (2013) is a Department Member at the University of Salford

Recent publications


  • Armit, I. in prep. Iron Age Lives in Britain and Ireland: 800 BC – AD 400. London: Routledge
  • Armit, I., Hunter, F. and Dunwell, A. J.  in prep. The Hill at the Empire’s Edge: Excavations on Traprain Law 1999-2006. Edinburgh: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.
  • Armit, I. and Büster, L. in press. Darkness Visible: the Sculptor’s Cave, Covesea, from the Bronze Age to the Picts
  • Armit, I., Potrebica, H., Črešnar, M., Mason. P. and Büster, L. 2016. Cultural encounters in Iron Age Europe. Budapest: Archaeolingua
  • Armit, I. 2016. Celtic Scotland: Iron Age Scotland in its European Context (revised third edition). Edinburgh: Birlinn
  • Bonsall, J.  Gaffney, C., and Armit, I. 2014. Preparing for the Future: a Reappraisal of Archaeo-geophysical Surveying on Irish National Road Schemes. Bradford: University of Bradford Research Monograph for the National Roads Authority.
  • Armit, I. and McKenzie, J. 2013. An Inherited Place: Broxmouth Hillfort and the south-east Scottish Iron Age. Edinburgh: Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, Monograph Series
  • Armit, I. 2012. Headhunting and the Body in Iron Age Europe. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Peer-reviewed journal papers

  • Olalde, I., Brace, S., Allentoft, M, Armit, I., Kristiansen, K., Rohland, N., Mallick, S., Booth, T., Szécsényi-Nagy, A., Mittnik, A., Altena, E., Lipson, M., Lazaridis, I., Patterson, N., Broomandkhoshbacht, N., Diekmann, Y., Faltyskova, Z., Fernandes, D., Ferry, M., Harney, E., de Knijff, P., Michel, M., Oppenheimer, J., Stewardson, K., Barclay, A., Alt, K. W., Avilés Fernández, A., Banffy, E., Bernabò-Brea, M., Billoin, D., Blasco, D., Bonsall, C., Bonsall, L., Buster, L., Carver, S., Castells-Navarro, L., Craig, O., E., Cook, G., Cunliffe, B., Denaire, A., Egging Dinwiddy, K., Dodwell, N., Ernée, M., Evans, C., Kuchařík, M., Farré, J. F., Fokkens, H., Fowler, C., Gazenbeek, M., Garrido Pena, R., Haber-Uriarte, M., Haduc, E., Hey, G., Jowett, N., Knowles, T., Massy, K., Pfregle, S., Lefranc, P., Lemercier, O., Lefebvre, A.,  Lomba Maurandi, J., Majó, T., McKinley, J. I., McSweeney, K., Mende, B. G., Modi, A., Kulcsár, G., Kiss, V., Czene, A., Patay, R., Endrődi, A., Köhler, K., Hajdu, T., Cardoso, J., Liesau, C., Parker-Pearson, M., Włodarczak, P., Price, T. D., Prieto, P., Rey, P.-J., Ríos, P., Risch, R., Rojo Guerra, M. A., Schmitt, A., Serralongue, J., Silva, A. M., Smrcka, V., Vergnaud, L., Zilhão, J., Caramelli, D., Higham, T., Stockhammer, P. W., Heyd, V., Sheridan, A., Sjögren, K.-G., Thomas, M. G., Pinhasi, R., Krause, J., Haak, W., Barnes, I., Lalueza-Fox, C.,  and Reich, D. 2018. The Beaker Phenomenon and the genomic transformation of northwest Europe. Nature. doi:
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Peer-reviewed book chapters

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