Jan Haywood


Teaching Fellow in Ancient History

Subject: Greek History

BA, MA (Manchester), PhD (Liverpool), FHEA

Tel: (0116) 252 2616

Email: jlth1@le.ac.uk


Jan read his undergraduate degree in History and Master's degree in Classics, before completing a PhD on intertextuality and/in Herodotus at the University of Liverpool. Jan has since worked as the J. P. Postgate University Teacher in Classics at the University of Liverpool, before moving to Leicester in January 2014 as a Teaching Fellow in Ancient History.


Research Interests

My research centres on various aspects of ancient historiography, notably the construction of the historian's persona, and the interactions between historians and different literary genres. I am interested in the formation and development of History as a genre, and the extent to which early historians are indebted to the literary techniques of their poetic predecessors.

I am also interested in Greek religion, especially aspects concerning cognition and divination. I am currently beginning a large project which will investigate the prevalence of divinatory stories in ancient historical works. In covering a range of works and authors, from Thucydides' reference to a divinely ordained 27-year war, to Augustus' unceasing references to divine signs ushering in his premiership, I hope to develop a much fuller picture of this under-explored aspect of ancient historiography, showing the ways in which divination proves to be an essential component of the historian's toolkit.



Jan Haywood currently teaches on all three levels of Undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate studies.

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