Dr David N. Edwards


Lecturer in Archaeology

Tel: +44 (0)116 252 2881

Email: dne1@le.ac.uk

Personal details

BA (York), MLitt (Newcastle upon Tyne), PhD (Cambridge), FHEA

I studied History at York University, then took an MLitt in Archaeology at Newcastle University and a PhD at Cambridge University, while working for several years as a professional field archaeologist in Britain. I have extensive field experience in Nubia/Sudan, as well as in many parts of Britain, Egypt, Jordan and Libya.


I teach at all three levels of Undergraduate studies and also Postgraduate studies. I teach both campus-based and Distance Learning students in BA and BSc programmes.



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While much of my research has found a regional focus in Nubia, Sudan and Sudanic Africa, my research interests remain more general above all, I’m interested in the ‘social’:

  • Archaeology and social landscapes
  • Taking landscape archaeology into unfamiliar territory (e.g. Sudanic Africa)
  • African mortuary archaeology
  • Historical/Islamic/Ottoman archaeology in Sudanic Africa
  • Social histories of pottery
  • Early trade and exchange
  • Comparative approaches to the archaeology of religion and belief

Current projects

Archaeological Survey of Sudanese Nubia (ASSN) 1963-1969:  We are now working towards the publication of the very extensive archives of the fieldwork carried out in Sudanese Nubia (Directed by Tony Mills), sponsored by UNESCO in advance of the regions' flooding by the Aswan High Dam. This material represents a unique record as well as an opportunity to investigate a now-lost landscape.

Language, Settlement and Long-term History in Upper Nubia with University of Khartoum, Sudan, supported by British Institute in Eastern Africa. This interdisciplinary landscape project (focussed on the Third Cataract region) has integrated archaeological, historical, toponymic and environmental research in this region and its social landscapes. Monograph recently published: Edwards, D. N. (ed.) 2012. The Archaeology of a Nubian Frontier, Leicester: Mauhaus

Pottery and Society in the Middle Nile: an ongoing investigation of the social history of pottery and pottery-use in the Middle Nile, from the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition to the Ottoman period.

Archaeology of Kerma/Kush (2009-2012 with AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Studentship working with British Museum).


Topics available for PhD supervision

    • Sudanese/Nubian archaeology (including Egypt in Nubia)
    • Sudanic Africa/ trans-Saharan perspectives, especially medieval - historical/Ottoman archaeology
    • Landscape archaeology especially in non-European environments
    • Mortuary archaeology

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