Dr Louise Rayne

Dr Louise Rayne

Dr Louise Rayne

Research Associate

Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East & North Africa (EAMENA)


Tel: 01163736248



Louise is a research associate at the University of Leicester working on the Endangered Archaeology in the Middle East and North Africa Project (EAMENA). She is using remote sensing to identify and interpret archaeological sites in North Africa and to assess the impact of modern development. She also conducts research into water-management and is a co-investigator of the Middle Draa Project (part of the Trans-Sahara Project) based in southern Morocco.

Her main research interests are in landscape archaeology, water management history, human-environment interactions, and the application of remote sensing and GIS to archaeology. She is the co-convenor of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry (RSPSoc) Archaeology Special Interest Group.

Previous to her work on the EAMENA Project, Louise completed a PhD In 2015 in Geography and Archaeology from Durham University. Her thesis dealt with the application of remote sensing to recording former water management systems in the Middle East. For this work, she undertook fieldwork in the Jerablus and Raqqa areas in Syria.

Selected Publications

1. Rayne L, Early Islamic water management in the hinterland of Raqqa, in Lawrence D, Altaweel M, and Philip G (eds), forthcoming, New Agendas in Remote Sensing and Landscape Archaeology in the Near East: Studies in honor of T J WIlkinson, Chicago, Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago

2. Rayne L, 2015, Imperial water systems and Human Niche Construction in the Balikh Valley, Syria, Water History, 7(4) 419-440

3. Wilkinson T J, Rayne L, Jotheri J, 2015, Hydraulic landscapes in Mesopotamia: the role of Human Niche Construction, Water History, 7:397-418

4. Wilkinson T J, Rayne L, 2010, Hydraulic landscapes and imperial power in the Near East, Water History, 2(2):115-144

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