Research Students

Topics available for PhD Supervision

  • Late Roman archaeology
  • Early medieval and medieval archaeology
  • Urbanism
  • Defence
  • Late Roman and early medieval Christianity

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Current Students

  • David Cardona, thesis topic: Catacombs in Context: A Maltese Investigation
  • Graham Aldred, thesis topic: Worth their place? A multi-disciplinary study of the social and political significance of particular places in Anglo-Saxon Mercia
  • Claudia Eicher, thesis topic: Religious Transition in the Late Antique Countryside: Agency, Identity, and Change in Lugdunensis Senonia (Gaul)
  • Javier Williams, thesis topic: Visigothic period buckles: portable wealth in late antique Spain and Western Europe
  • Brittany Thomas, thesis topic: Dominus et Deus: Imperial display and the evolving imagery of power in the Later Roman and Early Byzantine Empires, c.AD 300-600
  • Roberta Ferrante, thesis topic: An Architectural and Social Archaeology of Roman Baths and Bathing in Eastern Sicily: The Public and Private Thermae of Catania in Context
  • Mariele Valci (M3C funded; based at Univ of Nottingham, NC as co-supervisor), thesis topic: The Economy of medieval Rome: a numismatic perspective


Past and recent successful PhD students

  • Dr Matthew Mandich, thesis topic: The Growth and Extent of Rome: From Fringe to Suburb (First supervisor - PhD awarded 2017)
  • Dr Glen Farrugia, thesis topic: The Presentation and Interpretaion of Malta's Early Christian Heritage: Past, Present and Future (PhD awarded 2017)
  • Dr Eleanora Zampieri, thesis topic: Propagandist town planning between the Republic and the Principate: Caesar, Pompey and the attainment of consent (PhD awarded 2017; NC as 2nd supervisor)
  • Dr Jess McCullough, thesis topic: Belief and Practice in Early Norse Greenland (PhD awarded 2017; NC as 2nd supervisor)
  • Dr Antonino Crisa, thesis topic: Archaeology in northern Sicily during the post-Unification period (1861-1915). A historical reconstruction based on a study of the sites of Tindari, Lipari and Tusa. (Supervisor - PhD awarded 2016)
  • Dr Chantal Bielmann, thesis topic: Society and Identity/Identities: Religion, Church, and Urbanism in Switzerland AD 300-800. (Supervisor - PhD awarded 2014)
  • Dr Gavin Speed, thesis topic: Towns in the Dark? Archaeologies of urbanism from late Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England. (First supervisor - PhD awarded 2013). Current position: Senior Supervisor, ULAS
  • Dr Martin Sterry, thesis topic: Evolving States: Power and Communities in Adriatic Central Italy from 600 BC - AD 100. (PhD awarded 2010). Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow 'Trans-Sahara', University of Leicester
  • Dr Denis Sami, thesis topic: From Theodosius to Constans II: The Settlement and Economy of Late Roman and Byzantine Sicily (AD 379-688). (First supervisor - PhD awarded 2011)
  • Dr David Morgan, thesis topic: Archaeology of Transylvanian Fortified Churches. (Supervisor - PhD awarded 2009)
  • Dr Matilda Holmes, thesis topic: Food and status in Saxon and Scandinavian burhs. (Co-supervisor - PhD awarded 2011)

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