Prof Neil Christie

NC finds columns at late Roman OstiaProfessor of Archaeology (Medieval)

BA, PhD (Newcastle upon Tyne), FSA, SFHEA, University Distinguished Teaching Fellow

Tel: +44 (0)116 2522617


Personal details

Prior to joining the Archaeology and Ancient History team at the University of Leicester in 1992, I was both an undergraduate and then doctoral student in Archaeology at the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne; subsequently I held a Scholarship at the British School at Rome and then was employed there to prepare a major excavation report for publication (Santa Cornelia). I returned to Newcastle as a Sir James Knott Fellow (to research late Roman Italy), and then held a British Academy Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with the Institute of Archaeology, Oxford, to work on a volume on the Lombards.

Since 1992, I have duly risen in the ranks at Leicester to Senior Lecturer and then to Reader (now called 'Associate Professor') in Archaeology; I was promoted to Professor status in August 2017. My primary administrative duty in the school is as Postgraduate (Research) Tutor overseeing all research postgraduates.

I currently serve as PGR Director for the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities, overseeing support for PhD students across the college (I also undertook this role in 2015-17). I am also one of the Site Directors for the Midlands3Cities doctoral partnership funded by the AHRC. In addition, I am co-director of the university's Medieval Research Centre.

Beyond Leicester, I am Reviews Editor for the journal Medieval Archaeology and for the journal of the Medieval Settlement Research Group.



I teach on various courses at all levels of undergraduate degrees in Archaeology and in Ancient History and on Master's courses. I supervise a number of doctoral research students in the school, including distance learning-based.




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Principal papers (1988-2016)

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NC and M Wood at Kibworth sml.jpg

My main research areas cover late Roman to medieval archaeology, with a special interest in the late Roman Empire, in Italy and in urbanism, plus in themes such as defences and church archaeology.

I have undertaken much fieldwork, with projects in Italy (such as at the road-site Roman site of Cesenatico between Rimini and Ravenna; and from 2011-13 at the San Martino hilltop site near Tenno on lake Garda) and from 2008-2011, in England at the late Saxon and Norman town of Wallingford in south Oxfordshire.

The latter wasahrc an AHRC funded project, which employed an array of techniques to explore the plan and contents of the site from its late Saxon roots through Norman castle building to later medieval decline. See the Wallingford Burh to Borough Project (with major project monograph publication in 2013) for more information.


Topics available for PhD supervision

  • Late Roman archaeology
  • Early medieval and medieval archaeology
  • Urbanism
  • Defence
  • Late Roman and early medieval Christianity

Learn more about studying for a PhD with us

Current students

  • David Cardona, thesis topic: Catacombs in Context: A Maltese Investigation
  • Graham Aldred, thesis topic: Worth their place? A multi-disciplinary study of the social and political significance of particular places in Anglo-Saxon Mercia
  • Claudia Eicher, thesis topic: Religious Transition in the Late Antique Countryside: Agency, Identity, and Change in Lugdunensis Senonia (Gaul)
  • Javier Williams, thesis topic: Visigothic period buckles: portable wealth in late antique Spain and Western Europe
  • Roberta Ferrante, thesis topic: An Architectural and Social Archaeology of Roman Baths and Bathing in Eastern Sicily: The Public and Private Thermae of Catania in Context
  • Mariele Valci (M3C funded; based at University of Nottingham, NC as co-supervisor), thesis topic: The Economy of Medieval Rome: A Numismatic Perspective
  • Alessandro Carabia (M3C funded; based at Birmingham University, NC as co-supervisor), thesis topic: Frontier Archaeology: Byzantine Liguria

Past and recent successful PhD students

  • Dr Brittany Thomas. topic: Ravenna as a Capital: Art and Display as a Discourse in Late Antiquity and Beyond (First supervisors - PhD passed Jan. 2018)
  • Dr Matthew Mandich: The Growth and Extent of Rome: From Fringe to Suburb (First supervisor - PhD awarded 2017)
  • Dr Glen Farrugia: The Presentation and Interpretation of Malta's Early Christian Heritage: Past, Present and Future (PhD awarded 2017)
  • Dr Eleanora Zampieri: Propagandist town planning between the Republic and the Principate: Caesar, Pompey and the attainment of consent (PhD awarded 2017; NC as 2nd supervisor)
  • Dr Jess McCullough: Belief and Practice in Early Norse Greenland (PhD awarded 2017; NC as 2nd supervisor)
  • Dr Antonino Crisa: Archaeology in northern Sicily during the post-Unification period (1861-1915). A historical reconstruction based on a study of the sites of Tindari, Lipari and Tusa. (Supervisor - PhD awarded 2016)  Now postdoctoral Fellow at University of Warwick
  • Dr Chantal Bielmann: Society and Identity/Identities: Religion, Church, and Urbanism in Switzerland AD 300-800. (Supervisor - PhD awarded 2014)    Employed with Researcher development team at University of Leicester.
  • Dr Gavin Speed: Towns in the Dark? Archaeologies of urbanism from late Roman Britain to Anglo-Saxon England. (First supervisor - PhD awarded 2013). Current position: Senior Supervisor, ULAS
  • Dr Martin Sterry: Evolving States: Power and Communities in Adriatic Central Italy from 600 BC - AD 100. (PhD awarded 2010). Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow 'Trans-Sahara', University of Leicester
  • Dr Denis Sami: From Theodosius to Constans II: The Settlement and Economy of Late Roman and Byzantine Sicily (AD 379-688). (First supervisor - PhD awarded 2011)  Employed with Oxford Archaeology East.
  • Dr David Morgan: Archaeology of Transylvanian Fortified Churches. (Supervisor - PhD awarded 2009)
  • Dr Matilda Holmes: Food and status in Saxon and Scandinavian burhs. (Co-supervisor - PhD awarded 2011)

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