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Appleby, J. and Rajkovaca, T. (eds.). (2015). A short Archaeological Manual for Excavation. Banja-Luca.

Evans, C., Appleby, G., and Lucy, S. with Appleby, J. and Brudenell, M. Date Mucking. Excavations of Margaret and Tom Jones 1965-1977. The Prehistoric Settlement. Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.

Journal Articles

Appleby, J. (2017). Ageing and the Body in Archaeology. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 1-19. doi:10.1017/S0959774317000610

Evans, C., Sorensen, M. L. S., Allen, M. J., Appleby, J., Casimiro, T. M., French, C., . . . Scaife, R. (2017). Finding Alcatrazes and early Luso-African settlement on Santiago Island, Cape Verde. ANTIQUITY, 91(358), 9 pages. doi:10.15184/aqy.2017.104

Rissech, C., Appleby, J., Cosso, A., Reina, F., Carrera, A., & Thomas, R. (2017). The influence of bone loss on the three adult age markers of the innominate. International Journal of Legal Medicine, 1-12. doi:10.1007/s00414-017-1604-8

Brough, A., Morgan, B., Robinson, C., Appleby, J., Buckley, R., & Rutty, G. (2016). Biological profiling of Richard III using post-mortem computed tomography scanning. Journal of Forensic Radiology and Imaging, 5, 31-37.

Rabett, R., Ludgate, N., Stimpson, C., Hill, E., Hunt, C., Ceron, J., Farr, L., Morley, M., Reynolds, T., Zukswert, H., Simpson, D., Nyiri, B., Verhoeven, M., Appleby, J., Meneely, J., Phan, L., Dong, N.N., Lloyd-Smith, L., Hawkes, J., Blyth, A. & Tâń, N.C. (2016). Tropical limestone forest resilience and late Pleistocene foraging during MIS-2 in the Tràng An massif, Vietnam. Quaternary International.

Appleby, J., Thomas, R., & Buikstra, J. (2015). Increasing confidence in paleopathological diagnosis - Application of the Istanbul terminological framework. International Journal of Paleopathology, 8, 19-21. doi:10.1016/j.ijpp.2014.07.003

Appleby, J., Rutty, G. N., Hainsworth, S. V., Woosnam-Savage, R. C., Morgan, B., Brough, A., Earp, R., Robinson, C., King, T.E., Morris, M and Buckley, R. (2015). Perimortem trauma in King Richard III: a skeletal analysis. The Lancet, 385(9964), 17-23. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(14)60804-7 Externally assessed as 4* for REF2020

Crespo, C., Rissech, C., Thomas, R., Juán, A., Appleby, J., & Turbón, D. (2015). Sexual dimorphism of the pelvic girdle from 3D images of a living Spanish sample from Castilla-La Mancha. Homo, 66(2), 149-157. doi:10.1016/j.jchb.2015.01.001

Lamb, A. L., Evans, J. E., Buckley, R., & Appleby, J. (2014). Multi-isotope analysis demonstrates significant lifestyle changes in King Richard III. Journal of Archaeological Science, 50, 559-565. doi:10.1016/j.jas.2014.06.021

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Appleby, J. E. P., Mitchell, P. D., Robinson, C., Brough, A., Rutty, G., Harris, R., Thompson, D. and Morgan, B. (2014). The Scoliosis of Richard III, last Plantagenet King of England. Diagnosis and clinical significance. The Lancet.

Appleby, J., Seetah, T.K. Calaon, D., Čaval, S., Pluskowski, A., Lafleure, J.F., Janoo, A. and Teelock, V. (2014). The non-adult cohort from Le Morne cemetery, Mauritius: a snap shot of early life and death after abolition. International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 24(6), 1099-1212. doi: 10.1002/oa.2259

Mitchell, P. D., Yeh, H. Y., Appleby, J., & Buckley, R. (2013). The intestinal parasites of King Richard III.. Lancet, 382(9895), 888. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(13)61757-2

Buckley, R. J., Morris, M., Appleby, J., King, T., O'Sullivan, D. M., & Foxhall, L. (2013). ‘The king in the car park’: new light on the death and burial of Richard III in the Grey Friars church, Leicester, in 1485. Antiquity: a quarterly review of archaeology, 87(336), 519-538.

Appleby, J. 2013. Temporality and the Transition to Cremation in the Late Third Millennium to Mid Second Millennium BC in Britain. Cambridge Archaeological Journal, 23(1): 83-97.

Appleby, J. 2011. Bodies, burials and ageing: the temporality of old age in prehistoric societies. Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 30(3), 231-246.

Rabett, R., Appleby, J., Blyth, A., Farr, L., Gallou, A., Griffiths, T., Hawkes, J., Marcus, D., Marlow, L., Son, N.V., Stimpson, C. and Tâń, N.C. 2011. Investigation of a Late- to Early Post-Pleistocene Shell Midden in Tràng An Park, Northern Vietnam. Quaternary International, 239, 153-169.

Appleby, J. 2010. Why We Need an Archaeology of Old Age, and a Suggested Approach. Norwegian Archaeological Review, 43(2), 145-168.

Rabett, R., Barker, G., Hunt, C. O., Naruse, T., Piper, P., Raddatz, E., Reynolds, T., Son, N.V., Stimpson, C., Szabó K., Nguyêń Cao Tâń and Wilson, J. (2009). The Tràng An Project: Late- to Post-Pleistocene Settlement of the Lower Song Hong Valley, North Vietnam. Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 19, 83-109.
Book sections

Appleby, J. In press. Archaeothanatology in the English-speaking world: the belated spread and potential applications of a methodologically rigorous approach to mortuary analysis. In Rissech, C. and Lloveras, L. (eds.) El Que Ens Expliquen Els Ossos, pp. 13-24. Barcelona: SERP/University of Barcelona.

Dodwell, N. & Appleby, J. 2013. Human remains, in Evans, C. with Appleby, G., Lucy, S. and Regan, R. Process and History: Prehistoric Communities at Colne Fen, Earith. CAU Landscape Archives: The Archaeology of the Lower Ouse Valley. Cambridge: McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, 75, 117-123.

Appleby, J. & Miracle, P. 2013. Sacred Spaces – Sacred Species: Zooarchaeological Perspectives on Ritual Uses of Caves. In Moyes, H. (ed.) Sacred Darkness: A Global Perspective of the Ritual Uses of Caves, pp.275-284. Boulder: University Press of Colorado.

Appleby, J. 2010. Ageing as Fragmentation and disarticulation. In Rebay, K., Sørensen, M.L.S. and Hughes, J. (eds.) Body parts and wholes: Changing relations and meanings, 46-53. Oxford: Oxbow.

Book reviews

Appleby, J. 2010. P. Clark (ed): Bronze Age Connections: Cultural Contact in Prehistoric Europe. Oxford: Oxbow. Journal of Maritime Archaeology 5(1): 71.

Wilson, J. 2005. Book Review. Sharyn Jones O’Day, Wim van Neer and Anton Ervynck (eds.) Behaviour Behind Bones. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 20.1: 145-148.

Unpublished reports

Seetah, K., Calaon, D., Čaval, S., Appleby, J., & Lightfoot, E. 2010. Le Morne Cemetery: The 2010 Season of Archaeological Investigations - Excavation, Results and Interpretation. Report commissioned by the Truth and Justice Commission, and UNESCO WHS of Le Morne Brabant, Mauritius.

Redfern, N. 2001 (updated 2008; Appleby, J. & Evans, C.). North West Cambridge. An Archaeological Desk based Assessment. Cambridge Archaeological Unit Report 455.

Appleby, J. 2007. The Human Teeth from the Jesuit seminary at Cidade Velha, Cape Verde, 2007 excavations. In Evans, C. & Sorensen, M.L.S with J.D. Hill and K. Richter. Cidade Velha, Cape Verde, Archaeological Excavations. The 2007 season.

Wilson, J. 2006. The Human Remains. In Evans, C. & Sorensen, M.L.S with JD Hill and K. Richter. Cidade Velha, Cape Verde, Archaeological Excavations. The 2006 season.

Wilson, J. 2005. The Human Remains from Goseck.

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