Kevin Rickard awarded Distance Learning prize

Posted by cew33 at Nov 29, 2019 01:39 PM |
Kevin Rickard: Winner of the Level 2 Prize in Archaeology 2019 for Outstanding Performance (Distance Learning)

"I’m absolutely honoured to receive this prize and I look forward to continuing my studies at the University of Leicester. Hard work does pay off. Truthfully, it has been an incredible learning experience for me thus far and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed each module. Looking ahead, my research goal is to delve deeper into the archaeology of religion and ritual; I have a particular interest in rock art and its religious nature. In fact, I’m leaning toward doing my undergraduate dissertation within the area of rock art and religion/belief—perhaps applying the use of D-stretch technology to explore the idea of superimposition and the continuity, or break, in belief, or the re-use of a sacred place, on a particular rock art assemblage. My long-term goal is to continue to post-graduate study, and possibly (time permitting), my Ph.D. When I am not pursuing my archaeological studies at the University of Leicester (as a part-time distance learning student) I work as a professional firefighter with the city of Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Outside of work, and my studies, I’m also trying to balance a family/home life, which involves raising my two daughters with my wife, Michelle."

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