Fingerprints and textiles

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SAAH PhD researchers present at the Prehistoric Society and Later Prehistoric Finds Group joint conference at the British Museum
Fingerprints and textiles

Fingerprints and the past!

On Monday 29th October two of our PhD students, Meredith Laing and Jennifer Beamer, presented papers at the conference entitled “The Matter in Hand” organised jointly by the Later Prehistoric Finds Group and the Prehistoric Society, held at the British Museum.  The focus of the conference was on how people engaged with material culture during later prehistory, and it attracted presenters from across the UK speaking on a range of artefact related topics.

Meredith spoke about her project to develop a way to interpret fingerprints found on prehistoric pottery, using the case study of Iron Age briquetage from coastal salt working sites in eastern England.

Jennifer presented her work on the evidence for two different materials being used during the Iron Age, using mathematical equations, microenviromental data, and European cognates to illustrate the possibility of flax use during this period, in addition to wool.

The conference was a great showcase of current research being undertaken across the UK into the material world of prehistoric lives.

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