First Year students enjoy field trip to Creswell Crags

Posted by stj3 at Oct 19, 2018 09:25 AM |
First Year students enjoy field trip to Creswell Crags Palaeolithic site

Huw Barton writes: On Saturday 13/10/2018 the first year students got their first taste of the Upper Palaeolithic visiting the engraved rock art at Creswell Crags. Technically it was their second taste after visting the Creswellian site at Bradgate Park during their first week, but most of them had already forgotten that piece of ancient history! Normally the caves on the northern side of the gorge are closed this time of year to avoid disturbing roosting bats, but due to the warmer weather the bats are still active so we were able to squeeze in. I did my best to impress with handouts graphing the amazing changes in climate and environment over the last 300,000 years – but the French Bulldog (and every other small dog) that trotted past grabbed more attention than amazing facts about the Last Glacial Maximum! Photo courtesy of Paul Denoso. Huw is bottom right.

Creswell Crags trip 2018

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