Round Mounds of the Isle of Man

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Bronze Age burials on the Isle of Man
Round Mounds of the Isle of Man

Digging the Bronze Age on the Isle of Man

In June and July this year a team of students from Leicester and Newcastle Universities returned to the Isle of Man for our second year of excavation on the Early Bronze Age burial mound of Cronk Guckley. Last year we had opened the burial mound and begun to explore its complex structure, we also found our first burial which osteological analyses last autumn revealed to be that of an under 2 year old infant who had suffered from a dietary deficiency.

This year we returned excited to see what more the mound held for us! We had a fantastic season and were rewarded with 4 new cremation burials, including two in amazing up-turned Early Bronze Age pottery vessels. In addition we discovered what appears to be an occupation layer rich in lithics and pottery sherds below the mound itself.

The site ran a successful outreach programme where we worked with over 500 school children teaching them about Manx prehistory, archaeology, and archaeologists. We also welcomed around 100 visitors to the site from the general public, some of whom were lucky enough to see pots and burials revealed before their eyes.

The project is a collaboration between Rachel Crellin and Chris Fowler (Newcastle University) and has received funding from Manx National Heritage and Culture Vannin and financial support from the Isle of Man Steam Packet. The team are excited to return next year and see what more the mound holds! Second year students at Leicester will be offered places on the dig and a chance to take part in the excavation of the Bronze Age burial mound.

Learn all about the project on our regularly updated blog.

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