Current Archaeology Award nominations!

Posted by stj3 at Dec 03, 2018 01:55 PM |
School research features in CAA 2019 top Research Project nominations

Research conducted by members of the School features in no less than two of the nominations for the Current Archaeology 2019 Research Project of the Year Award.

First up, one of the nominated projects is 'In the Footsteps of Caesar', which has seen Andrew Fitzpatrick and Colin Haselgrove tracing on the ground the first Roman invasions of Britain, commanded by Julius Caesar himself.  Remains of the invaders' beach-head fortification have been identified at Ebbsfleet in Kent, making tangible at last what until now we only knew from the writings of Caesar himself.

And secondly, our new colleague Ian Armit will also be at the award ceremony, as a member of the team investigating Beaker Complex DNA, which is radically challenging our understandings of the early population history of Britain.

Voting closes on 11 February, with the results announced on 8 March!

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