The Dorothy Buchan Memorial Lectures

Mrs Dorothy Buchan (1931–2000) was head of Leicester High School for Girls. After her retirement she studied Ancient History and Archaeology in the School, culminating in her 1995 BA dissertation 'Women of power or counters of value? A study of four hellenistic queens'. She also served for several years as Treasurer of the Leicestershire (now Leicestershire & Rutland) branch of the Classical Association.

brightened and croppedAfter her untimely passing, her family, friends, and colleagues contributed generously to a fund in her memory, which supports an annual lecture and (from 2011) an Ancient History dissertation prize also named after Mrs Buchan.

The University, and the School of Archaeology & Ancient History, would like to place on record their gratitude to those who have donated to the fund, in particular Dorothy's sister, the late Margaret Mary Macrae, whose generous bequest in 2012 allowed us to create the Dorothy Buchan Travel Bursary for students.

The annual lecture, on a topic that would (we hope!) have interested Dorothy Buchan, usually takes place on a Tuesday in the autumn term—always in the late afternoon, to facilitate attendance by groups from local schools. We have been fortunate to secure a distinguished succession of speakers, listed here beginning with the most recent:

(20) 2020 (17 Nov.) Dr Nikki Rollason (Leicester), 'Sleeves, trousers and lots of layers: climate change and changing Roman male dress in the later Roman empire’

(19) 2019 (26 Nov.) Professor Judith Mossman (Coventry), 'At home in Chaironeia: domestic detail in Plutarch'

(18) 2018 (13 Nov.) Dr Peter Thonemann (Oxford), ‘Unnatural urges: sex-dreams in the ancient world

(17) 2018 (3 May) [postponed from 2017] Dr Josephine Quinn (Oxford), 'Carthaginian Dido from Hellenistic queen to rival of Rome'

(16) 2016 (15 Nov.) Dr Jane Masséglia (Leicester), 'Falling with style: how to fight and die like a Greek woman'

(15) 2015 (10 Nov.) Dr Rebecca Flemming (Cambridge), 'Women's bodies in ancient medicine'

(14) 2014 (4 Nov.) Dr Kathryn Tempest (Roehampton),'Cicero and the Greeks'

(13) 2013 (29 Oct.), Professor Maria Wyke (University College London), 'Virtue and vice, entertainment and uplift: Roman women in silent cinema'

(12) 2012 (20 Nov.) Bettany Hughes, 'Helen of Troy and the warrior women of Sparta'

(11) 2011 (1 Nov.) Dr Colin Adams (Liverpool), 'Tacitus's prism: the reality of Roman Egypt'

(10) 2010 (23 Nov.) Professor Catharine Edwards (Birkbeck), 'Representing imperial women: family resemblances among the Julio-Claudians'

(9) 2009 (27 Oct.) Dr Lynette Mitchell (Exeter), 'Queens and consorts: securing the succession in archaic and classical Greece?'

(8) 2008 (25 Nov.) Dr Mary Harlow (Birmingham; now Leicester), 'Dressing to impress: Roman female dress—rhetoric and reality'

(7) 2007 (27 Nov.) Dr Graham Oliver (Liverpool; now Brown U.), 'Femina politica: the evolution of democracy in hellenistic Athens?'

(6) 2006 (7 Nov.) Professor Helen King (Reading; now Open U.), 'From father of gynaecology to father of midwifery: the paternity of Hippocrates in the eighteenth century'

(5) 2005 (22 Nov.) Dr Dorothy Thompson (Cambridge), 'Commoners and queens in Ptolemaic Egypt'

(4) 2004 (23 Nov.) Professor Charlotte Roueché (King's College London), 'The empress in the street'

(3) 2003 (25 Nov.) Professor John Prag (Manchester), 'Facing the facts: Philip of Macedon's face, Mycenaean DNA, Etruscan excarnation, and the first Western portrait'

(2) 2002 (21 Nov.) Professor Alan Bowman (Oxford), 'Egypt under Cleopatra and Augustus: aspects of Roman imperialism'

(1) 2001 (23 Oct.) Dr Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones (Birmingham/Open U.; now Cardiff), 'Cleopatra on film: or, Did the Greeks ever get to Egypt?'

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