Buchan lecture 2018: Unnatural Urges...

Peter Thonemann presents the 2018 Buchan lecture on 'Unnatural Urges: Sex-Dreams in the Ancient World'


Buchan lecture 2018
On Tuesday 13th November The 2018 Dorothy Buchan lecture, titled 'Unnatural Urges: Sex-Dreams in the Ancient World ', was given by Dr Peter Thonemann, Tutorial Fellow in Ancient History at the University of Oxford. He has written books on Hellenistic coinage and Anatolian history, as well as articles on antiquity for the Times Literary Supplement, the Wall Street Journal, and the Sunday Times.
Lecture summary: “Before Freud, there was Artemidorus of Daldis, the author of the only surviving work on dream-interpretation from the ancient world. This talk will take a close look at Artemidorus' extraordinary analysis of sex-dreams, arguably our single most important source for Greco-Roman sexual norms and ethics. Topics covered will include heterosexuality, homosexuality, consent, incest, bestiality, necrophilia, and sex with gods.”

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