Doing Historical Archaeology



Part 1: Philosophy and context

Section 1.1 Defining historical archaeology
Section 1.2 History and historical archaeology
Section 1.3 Some themes in contemporary archaeological theory
Section 1.4 Elephant traps
Section 1.5 The uses of historical archaeology in the present
Section 1.6 Historical archaeology and the law
Section 1.7 Writing and presenting the historical past
Section 1.8 Reflections: Is there a unity to historical archaeology?

Part 2: Doing Historical Archaeology

Section 2.1 Textual sources: primary historical sources
Section 2.2 Textual sources: literature, drama, poetry
Section 2.3 Textual sources: histories
Section 2.4 Looking at landscapes 1: towns
Section 2.5 Looking at landscapes 2: the rural scene
Section 2.6 Ethnography, ethnohistory, and oral history
Section 2.7 Material culture
Section 2.8 Material culture focus: ceramics
Section 2.9 Art and the historical archaeologist
Section 2.10 Coins and inscriptions
Section 2.11 Environmental archaeology
Section 2.12 The archaeology of standing buildings
Section 2.13 Death and disposal

Exercise Readings

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