School of Allied Health Professions

The School of Allied Health Professions is responsible for training and education in four areas:


For the first time, nursing students in Leicestershire will have the opportunity to study for a dual qualification in nursing with leadership. These nursing courses are particularly unique in that they place an additional emphasis on developing your leadership ability and skills.


This unique undergraduate course in Midwifery with Leadership, has been developed in partnership with University Hospitals of Leicester and the University of Leicester. Academic staff worked alongside clinicians, managers and chief nurses within the NHS to develop these innovative new courses.

Operating Department Practice

An Operating Department Practitioner (ODP) provides a professional service within the multidisciplinary environment of a hospital’s operating department. Our Operating Department Practice BSc has been designed in the belief that the integration of academic and work based learning in the operating theatre environment is the best way to develop students that are well equipped to meet the needs of future employers.


Physiotherapy is a science-based health care profession which emphasises the use of physical approaches in the promotion, maintenance and restoration of an individual's physical, psychological and social well-being and takes into account an individual's variations in health status. Our BSc in Physiotherapy is designed to empower and teach you how to assess and treat patients and to communicate with both patients and other members of the multi-professional team professionally and effectively.

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