Saturday programme

Saturday 8 August 2015

Panel 4: Mobility, Welfare and Memory
Chaired by Dr Andrew Hopper
10.00am Bethany Marsh (University of Nottingham) Lodging the ‘Irish’: Irish refugees in Nottinghamshire, 1641-1651
10.30am Dr David Appleby (University of Nottingham) The long and winding road: returning home after the Civil Wars
11.00am Imogen Peck (University of Bristol) Popular memory of the English Civil Wars in the northern counties of England, 1647–1660
11.30am Coffee
Panel 5: Military Relief and the Quarter Sessions
Chaired by Dr Ismini Pells
12.00pm Hannah Worthen (University of Leicester) The administration of relief in Civil War Kent
12.30pm Stewart Beale (University of Leicester) The administration of war relief in the Midlands
1.00pm Lunch
Panel 6: War Widows in England and Ireland
Chaired by Dr David Appleby
2.00pm Dr Andrew Hopper (University of Leicester) The self-fashioning of the petitioning narratives of parliamentarian war widows
2.30pm Professor Jane Ohlmeyer (Trinity College, Dublin), War widows in mid-17th century Ireland
3.00pm Rory McCreadie, Barber Surgeon Living History Demonstration
4.00pm Afternoon tea
Plenary Lecture
4.30pm Dr Geoffrey Hudson (North Ontario School of Medicine) Social negotiation, gender & disabled ex-servicemen in England, 1590-1800
5.30pm Beer reception sponsored by Springhead Brewery


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