Friday programme

Friday 7 August 2015

9.30am Registration and coffee
9.45am Welcome: Dr Andrew Hopper (University of Leicester) and Michael Constantine (National Civil War Centre, Newark Museum)
Panel 1: Medical Provision
Chaired by Dr Andrew Hopper (University of Leicester)
10.00am Dr Eric Gruber von Arni (University of Leicester) ‘Dead hogges, dogges, cats and well flayed carryon horses’: royalist hospital provision during the civil wars
10.30am Dr John Ford (Worshipful Society of Apothecaries) Apothecaries and the English Civil War
11.00am Dr Richard Jones (University of Leicester) Cecil Cooper of Thurgarton and his copy of Gerard’s Herbal
11.30am Coffee
Panel 3: Death and Burial
Chaired by Mr Stewart Beale (University of Leicester)
12.00pm Dr Stuart Jennings (University of Warwick) Controlling endemic disease in a garrisoned civil war town: military discipline or civic duty? The surviving evidence for Newark 1642-1646
12.30pm Dr Ian Atherton (Keele University) Battlefields, burials and the English Civil Wars
1.00pm Lunch
Panel 2: Wounds, Injuries and Trauma
Chaired by Ms Hannah Worthen (University of Leicester)
2.00pm Dr Stephen Rutherford (University of Cardiff) ‘Of wounds, of gunshot wounds, of fractures and luxations’: civil war wounds and how to treat them
2.30pm Dr Ismini Pells (University of Cambridge) ‘Stout Skippon hath a wound’: the medical treatment of parliament’s infantry commander following the battle of Naseby
3.00pm Dr Erin Peters (University of Worcester) Psychological Combat Trauma in the English Civil War
3.30pm National Civil War Centre Films and Town Trail
Augmented Reality Newark Town Trail

Delegates with smart phones can explore the augmented reality Newark Town Trail and Newark’s famous earthwork fortifications at the Queen’s Sconce. Museum staff will issue delegates with maps and directions. Those without this technology can accompany conference organisers and museum staff on a guided town trail of up to two miles in length.

5.00pm Afternoon tea
Plenary Lecture
5.30pm Professor Ann Hughes (Keele University) The accounts of the kingdom: recording the sufferings of civil war
6.30pm Wine Reception sponsored by Midland History
7.30pm Close
7.45pm Conference Dinner at the Prince Rupert pub


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