Day 1: Friday

9.15am Registration and welcome

Early Constructions (Chair: Elizabeth Hurren)

  • Will Southwell-Wright (Durham University): ‘Disability and physical difference in Roman Britain’
  • Claire Treney (Royal Holloway University): ‘Insane innocents: The depiction of mentally ill children
    in 12th and 13th century English miracles’
  • Anne Bailey (University of Oxford): ‘Miracle children: Medieval hagiography and the imperfect
  • Chris Goodey (independent scholar): 'Simplicius, Mignon, and Victor of Aveyron: Where the Wild
    Things Were’
12.00pm Lunch

Literary Construction (Chair: Steve King)

  • Ally Crockford (University of Edinburgh): ‘Playful little Monsters: Considering the monstrous child
    in nineteenth-century fiction’
  • Sandra Dinter (Universität Bielefeld): ‘Imperfect childhoods in contemporary British fiction from
    the 1980s to the 2000s’
2.30pm Tea

Popular Construction (Chair: Steve Taylor)

  • Miriam Schneider (University of St Andrews): ‘Imperfect immaculates: Impaired heirs to the throne and “educational experiments” in nineteenth-century European monarchies’
  • Sophya Yumakulov and Gregor Wolbring (University of Calgary): ‘Media Constructions of ability
    expectations on children in the New York Times, 1851-Present’
  • Wilfried Rudolff (University of Kassel): ‘The social and cultural construction of the handicapped
    child in West Germany in the Sixties and Seventies of the 20th Century’
  • Simon Strick (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin), ‘The imperfect head: Children's cranial deformities and their correction between disability and cosmetic’
5.00pm Reception

Keynote speaker

David Wright (McGill University): ‘Club feet and cleft palates: The surgical search for
childhood perfection at the end of the nineteenth century’

7.00pm Conference proceedings end
7.30pm Conference dinner at Signor Panza

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