Eccentric Leicester Tour

Whilst you are in Leicester for Curiouser and Curiouser why not go on a walking tour and get to know the odder side of the city? Away from the Walker Stadium and Highcross Shopping Centre lurks a less well-known Leicester and this walking tour will reveal some of Leicester's strangest, most eccentric and hidden sites of interest!

'Eccentric Leicester' has been written by Dr Amy Jane Barnes especially for Museobunny, based on a tour she did for the Museum Studies PhD Community. Depending on your walking speed it may take up to an hour, maybe more if you are easily distracted like Museobunny!

Follow the map to visit 8 eccentric locations. The tour starts at the amusing Top Hat Terrace on London Road and finishes at the ancient Raw Dykes, about 30 minutes walk away from the City Centre.



Map of the Eccentric Leicester Tour


And in case that is not enough...  For those of you not familiar with Leicester, and, indeed, those of you who are, you might like this audio tour of the city centre from our University Colleagues at the East Midlands Oral History Archive - Leicester Audio Tour.

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