Programme (provisional)

Details are subject to change.

Monday 16 December

Ken Edwards Building

Isabelle Stengers and George Caffentzis and CPPE members: 'The Speed of Thought'

Lecture Theatre 2 (ground floor)

Tuesday 17 December
9.00am Welcome and coffee

Room 1

Dave Bell (Nottingham) and Rebecca Beinart (artist): 'Archaeology of the Future'

Bent Meier Sørensen (Copenhagen Business School) and Sverre Spoelstra (Lund University, Sweden): 'The Ethics of Organizational Play'

Room 2

David Harvie, Geoff Lightfoot, Simon Lilley
and Ken Weir (all Leicester): '“Ceux qui font les
révolutions à moitié ne font que se creuser un tombeau
” (Those who make revolutions half way
only dig their own graves): Locating the Masters of Finance in Mirowski’s Russian Doll image of the Neoliberal Thought Collective'

Stevphen Shukaitis (Essex): 'Strategies of Refusal: Aesthetics, Labor, and the Composition of Movements to Come'


Room 1

Hugo Letiche (Leicester) and Jean-Luc Moriceau (Institut Mines Télécom, France): '... still going on ...'

Steffen Boehm (Essex), Rafael Kruter Flores (UFRGS, Brazil) and Maria Ceci Misoczky (UFRGS, Brazil): 'The Political Economy of Organization Attempts of Outlining a Book'

Room 2

Norman Jackson (Leicester) and Pippa Carter (Leicester): 'Georges Sorel and Critical Organisation Theory'

Alexandre Christoyannopoulos (Loughborough): 'Eccentric Yet Prophetic: 
Leo Tolstoy’s Christian Anarchist Thought'

12.10pm Lunch

Room 1

Ron Kerr (Newcastle), Carole Elliott (Durham), and Sarah Robinson (Leicester): 'Spectacle and Détournement: a Tale of Two Websites'

Marco Caligari (Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italy): 'Computer and Container: the Control of Work Process in the Waterfront of Genoa (from 1969 to Today)'

Room 2

Marton Racz (Leicester) and Irina Cheresheva (Central European University, Hungary): '“What’s in your head, In your head, Zombie, zombie, zombie?”'

Jean-François Gava (Université libre de Bruxelles): TBC


Room 1

George Tsogas: 'Cognitive Capitalism, Organization, and the Labour Theory of Value'

Warren Neidich (artist): 'Architecture in Our Moment of Cognitive Capitalism'

Room 2

Oscar Javier Maldonado Castañeda (Lancaster): 'Price, Market and Value'

Jeremy Pilcher: 'Crony Capitalism: Bringing Democracy Closer to the Marketplace (or: Voteauction: to buy or not to buy)'

3.40pm Coffee

Room 1

Rolland Munro (Leicester) and Joanna Latimer (Cardiff): 'The Culture of the Shameless'

Ruud Kaulingfreks (Leicester): 'Squares, Places, Commons and Organizations'

Room 2

Peter Armstrong (Leicester): 'The Discourse of Michel Foucault: a Sociological Encounter'

Martin Parker (Leicester): 'Becoming Editor: Or, Pinocchio Finally Notices the Strings'


Leicester Guildhall

David Harvie (Leicester) and Ben Trott (Freie Universität Berlin): 'Lenin in England'

8.30pm Dinner
Wednesday 18 December
10.00am Coffee

Room 1

Emanuele Leonardi (Università di Bergamo, Italy): 'Carbon Trading Dogma: Theoretical Assumptions and Practical Implications of Global Carbon Markets'

Derly Sánchez Vargas (Universidad Nacional de Colombia): 'Tasting Trust: Coffee, Standards and the Reshaping of Sustainability'

Room 2

Anna Feigenbaum (Bournemouth University): 'The Political Economy of Tear Gas'

Anja Kanngieser (Goldsmiths): 'A Political Economy of Listening (to Move Through Despair)'


Newarke Houses Museum

CSR panel: Chair Stephen Dunne (Leicester), with Jeroen Veldman (Cardiff), Sam Mansell (St Andrews) and Martin Parker (Leicester)

Coffee room (NB. capacity 40 people)

1.15pm Lunch and close

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