CPPE @ 10: I can’t go on, you must go on

cppe10-400.jpg10th Anniversary Conference

Newarke Houses Museum and Guildhall, Leicester

16-18 December 2013

The Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy (CPPE) at the University of Leicester is now ten years old. Since 2003 it has encouraged discussions of philosophy and political economy through a model of scholarly cooperation. That such a research centre should continue – groaning under the weight of its apparently contradictory location in a modern business school – stands testament to the resolve of its members and, just as important, its guest-contributors and collaborators. We will celebrate this occasion, in the spirit evoked within the above-cited parting fragment of Samuel Beckett’s The Unnamable, by inviting past, present and future collaborators to Leicester to discuss philosophy and political economy.

Call for papers

The conference is open to practical and theoretical explorations concerning issues such as disengagement, precarity, austerity, neo-liberal governance, business pragmatics, cynicism, critiques, streets, weariness, zombies, financialisation, enclosure, commons, crisis, social reproduction, knowledge. Participants are welcome to submit research papers or proposals for workshops.

Please submit abstracts to cppeconference@gmail.com

  • Final deadline for submitting abstracts: 1 November 2013.

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