Workshop Schedule

A list of additional DRT workshops available for the current academic year, in addition to the four standard modules.

Book pileThese short workshops cover universal and popular research topics and are administered by the DRT for the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities directly.  It is important that if you sign up to a workshop, you should attend all sessions (contact the DRT Administrator if you have any questions about this).

Clicking on the titles below will direct you to the workshop page where you can find out more information.

IMPORTANT: For some workshops, pre-requisites/conditions/Eligibility may apply. This will be detailed on the workshop page. Please ensure you have looked at the eligibility and pre-requisites before registering.

28 May Quantum Models for Social Scientists (SS7X14)
An introduction to novel alternative approaches to model human decision-making in economics and cognition that use concepts inspired by quantum theory.

Is there something else you would like to see in our training? If it is not already in the summary list, then please do let us know.

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