Workshop overview

A series of workshops featuring appealing topics through a number of specially designed short, ad-hoc sessions open to departments across the University. These are run centrally to encourage interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary discussions.

About the training

In addition to the preliminary ‘modular’ training, this diverse workshop arrangement delves deeper into the researcher world. Whilst based largely on the Social Sciences, some content may be relevant to students across non-Soc-Sci departments/disciplines.


Research tag cloud www.tagxedo.comEligibility

Some of our workshops will be an extension of the modular content, but all PGR students are welcome to join in, regardless. For some workshops, pre-requisites/conditions may apply. This will be noted in the individual workshop details page.


Our workshops do not run on a modular basis and there are no assessments. Delivered on an ad-hoc basis, the training offers a mixture of subject specialist and non-subject specialist events, as well as offerings that may be core in some disciplines but not elsewhere, and others that are definitively non-core. Our advanced training package also combines thematic and methodological provision.

Registration and booking*

All registrations will form a part of your academic obligations at the University. It is recommended that you speak with your supervisor/PGR tutor prior to registration as they will be able to guide you towards the workshop(s) according to your specific advanced training needs.

* Places are limited so we will operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis; with waiting lists. Full details of each event and booking forms are available in the listings.

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