Doctoral Research Training (Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities)

Carefully designed to provide dedicated specialist training, our Doctoral Research Training (DRT) incorporates essential elements within the Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities sphere to offer valuable foundations for researchers at Leicester.

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Providing a vital supporting element ensures that our researchers will be suitably equipped with the generic foundations fundamental in the preparation of a successful thesis project, leading up to probation review; and beyond. Our unique training is designed for students across the university (regardless of academic department), delving into different areas of research which engage elements of the social sciences, arts and humanities.

"Research is creating new knowledge."

- Neil Armstrong

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Research Training

Forming a component of your academic obligations*, the DRT will run alongside active research in collaboration with home departments' schedules and bespoke activities. Tutors will carefully select appropriate modules for each individual.

The training provided will help refine the skills and expertise required for an effective and thorough thesis.

*Although currently non-credit bearing, the DRT modules will still contribute to the probation review.


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What to expect

  • An excellent research environment
  • Helpful ethics support
  • Busy and thriving campus with excellent facilities
  • Comprehensive/high quality training
  • Access to a variety of valuable resources
  • Dedicated, reliable and helpful staff
  • Individual support from DRT Student Rep(s)
  • "Great sessions with engaged and enthusiastic lecturers."
    (feedback from a School of Management student)
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Modules and topics

Composed of two modules split over two semesters the DRT covers two core areas:

  • Research Design and Practice
  • Research Philosophy


A short assignment will be set for the end of each of these modules.

For some departments, the two modules will be a requirement for the first year.

➜ Module contents...

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Each module comprises nine or ten two-hour sessions (largely interactive) held in a group environment either in a lecture/seminar room or in a computer lab.

Information and documentation will be provided throughout the programme via the University virtual learning environment (Blackboard).

Some sessions may be recorded via Lecture Capture.

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Materials/reading lists/additional documentation/links etc. are made available via the University virtual learning environment (Blackboard).

A wide range of reading resources in hard copy and/or electronically are available via the University Library.

Additional help and advice regarding research procedures can be found in the Graduate School Office pages.

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Continuous support

Offering various exciting topics through a number of short workshops, further (optional) training is also available via our additional workshops.

These ad-hoc sessions are available to all PGR students, although some may be subject to eligibility requirements (e.g. year 2 onwards/post-probation*), These details can be found on the workshop pages, as well as a link for booking onto a session.

* not dependent upon passing probation

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Each of the modules and workshops are convened by an individual academic staff member who specialises in their module.

All modules/workshops are delivered by a selection of academics from a mix of departments across the university.

The DRT liaise frequently with participating departments' PGR tutors and administrators.

➜ List of contacts

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To offer a centralised and engaging experience, both the administration office and training sessions are based on main campus which means that students are able to quickly interact with their departments, colleagues, and socialise with other researchers.

See the campus map for buildings.

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If you have any questions please contact us:


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