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Appointments, Nominations, Research Infrastructure Awards and Doctoral Studentships in the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

School of Archaeology and Ancient History

Mattingly, David (with CIs Martin Sterry and Youssef Bokbot.)  British Academy Small Grant (£10,000). ‘The Middle Draa Project (Morocco). The project is investigating early oasis settlement in the Draa valley (Moroccan Sahara) through a combination of satellite image analysis and fieldwork. Work in 2015-16 has identified many thousands of pre-Islamic burials and hundreds of early occupation sites. The new grant will support a short survey expedition to explore hitherto unvisited areas in the northern part of the valley, where the earliest settlement and early mining activity is thought to have been concentrated.

Thomas, Richard; Hamerow, Helena (University of Oxford), with Dr Amy Bogaard (University of Oxford) and Dr Mike Charles (University of Oxford) as Co-Is. European Research Council (EUR 1.94 million with £85,000 to Leicester). Feeding Anglo-Saxon England (FeedSax): The Bioarchaeology of an Agricultural Revolution. Between the 8th and 13th centuries, the English population soared to unprecedented levels. This could not have happened without a corresponding boom in agricultural production. But when, where and how were the crucial developments in farming achieved? Feeding Anglo-Saxon England sets out to address these questions through the application of bioarchaeological techniques.

School of Arts

Fowler, Corinne. Colonial Countryside: British Country Houses’ Caribbean and East India Company Connections (crowd-funded for phase 1). A child-led history and writing project in partnership with the National Trust and Peepal Tree Press. Colonial Countryside will create a new generation of BAME historians and commentators. Ten-year-olds will work with historians, writers, editors and curators to bring country houses’ colonial connections to public attention.

Svalberg, Agneta M-L and Askham, Jim. Leicester Learning Institute, Stream A: Pedagogic Research on Strategic Developments (£10,928). Exploring the effects of a discovery oriented approach on the engagement with language of adult foreign language learners at the University of Leicester’. Four Languages@Leicester classes and teachers, representing four target languages, participate in this intervention study of a discovery oriented approach to learning. Audio-recorded student interaction, observations, teacher and researcher journals, and student and teacher interviews will be analysed, with a focus on learner engagement with language, and teachers’ perspectives.

School of Business

Connolly, Heather British Academy Mid-career Fellowship (£113,500). ‘Trade Union Futures: Representing Precarious Workers in Europe’. This research seeks to better understand, and communicate to a broad audience, the possible futures of trade unions in France and the UK, and in particular, the ways in which they seek to represent precarious workers – the ever-increasing number of workers who are at the margins of, or are excluded from, established systems of collective and legal regulation and protection.

Gasparin, Marta British Council (£10,000) College Development Fund, RED seeds funding, CAMEo seeds funding (£10,500 total). ‘Crafting Futures: Vietnam’. The programme aims to foster empowerment through the development of creative social enterprise and design-led skills for female artisans and designers, promoting social innovation, fair and ethical collaborations, and an appreciation of cultural heritage. The goal is to create more inclusive opportunities for women in sustainable and ethical craft-based production.

Department of Criminology

Hardy, Stevie-Jade and Chakraborti, Neil.  Higher Education Funding Council for England (Catalyst Fund) (£94,000). ‘Standing Together Against Hate’. This project will be delivered collaboratively with the University of Leicester Students’ Union, Student Support Services, Estates and Campus Services and the Equalities Unit to enhance awareness of hate crime and online harassment and to improve responses at the University. The project is set to have national impact on tackling hate crime in many forms in higher education.

Hopkins, Matt. Motor Insurers Bureau (£94,000). ‘Exploring the reasons for uninsured driving’. The aim of the research is to conduct an online survey with uninsured drivers in order to ascertain:

  1. What the key reasons are for not having valid vehicle insurance
  2. Driver attitudes towards car insurance
  3. To identify any strategies that might reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road.

Newton, Andrew. Consumer Data Research Centre (Innovation Fund) – ESRC big data centre: (£59,911.88). ‘Urban Mobility and Crime: Examining consumer data to better measure crime rates in urban centres’. This study examines the utility of CDRC transport, retail and footfall data, and mobile data (twitter and crowd sourcing data) to better assess crime risk (rates) and for the police to better target resources in local crime hot spots in time and place, given the underlying urban mobility patterns present.

School of Media, Communication and Sociology

Mackintosh, Nicola; CIs Gong, Sarah and Verdezoto, Nervo. University of Leicester Tiger Team award (£5,000). ‘DEPAC: Digital enablement, promise and uncertainty in maternity care’, and its uniformity’. The project analyses the mediation of digitised diagnosis in maternity care by examining how technologies shape women’s experiences of pregnancy. This will reveal vital insights for current management of serious complications in maternity and for understanding relationships between risk and uncertainty, society and digital technologies.

Leicester Law School

Hamlyn, Olivia.  European Parliament (EUR 15,000). ‘Assessing Member States’ capacity for reliable authorization of plant protection products’, and its uniformity’. This project concerns the authorisation of pesticides in all 28 EU Member States. It seeks to map and understand the diversity of authorisation procedures implemented by Member States as well as their independence and transparency and the extent to which they reflect the principles of precaution, sustainability and substitution.

School of History, Politics and International Relations

Abbots, Emma-Jayne (University of Wales, Trinity St David); Co-I, Toner, Deborah. Arts and Humanities Research Council (c. £91,000 (FEC); reclaimable from AHRC c. £73,000). ‘Fostering Cross-Cultural Dialogue Through Food’. Food, and its narratives, can help to translate the histories and cultures of different parts of the world to one another, encouraging reflection on culinary heritage and cultural identity. Food Stories will promote such cross-cultural understandings through cookery workshops, a cookbook, and café-style seminars in Bradford, Coventry and London.

Gentilcore, David. European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) fellowship programme, European Commission (EUR 38,000 living allowance). ‘The Best of All Things: Drinking Water in the Mediterranean, 1400-1900’. The year is devoted to beginning a major new research project, on cultures of water in Italy and the Mediterranean, from the late Middle Ages to the modern era, viewing water as a physical, cultural, social, economic and political resource. In particular, I shall be focusing on drinking water, as both substance and practice, from a variety of different approaches and disciplines and using a wide range of different but complementary sources.

King, Steven. Arts and Humanities Research Council (£820,638) ‘In Their Own Write: Contesting the New Poor Law 1834-1900'. In partnership with the The National Archives

Lincoln, Toby. Arts and Humanities Research Council (£200,817). ‘Post war Urban Reconstruction in China, 1938 – 1958’. This project researches how urban reconstruction in China during and after World War II laid the foundation for the country to become the world's largest urban society.  The outputs will include a network of scholars and professionals in China interested in wartime heritage, and a website of teaching materials.

Damage caused following a Japanese bombing raid on Nantao in the neighbourhood of Shanghai South railway station

Schwarz, Elke. British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grants Award (£8,464). ‘Moral agency and meaningful human control: Exploring military ethical values for alignment in the use of autonomous weapons systems’. This project examines how technologically advanced militaries view moral agency and ethical values vis-à-vis new autonomous and intelligent technologies. It seeks to (1) provide a clarification of ethical values and moral agency in military operations, and (2) open an interdisciplinary dialogue on the topic to help shape policy and industry guidelines.

Story, Joanna E. Arts and Humanities Research Council (£53,000 to Leicester from a grant of £779k to Durham University). ‘Worked in Stone: Completing the Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture’. The Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Stone Sculpture is a long-running, flagship project for the British Academy. This AHRC award funds the completion of the corpus, including volume 14 cataloguing the pre-Conquest sculpture of the East Midlands (Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and the Soke of Peterborough) which will be authored by Prof Jo Story and Dame Professor Rosemary Cramp (Durham).

Anglo Saxon grave cover
Anglo Saxon grave cover in Narborough, Leicestershire, 10 C

School of Museum Studies

Ross, Parry. Arts and Humanities Research Council (Standard Grant) (£503,000). ‘One by One: building the digital literacies of UK museums’. ‘One by One’ leverages interdisciplinary scholarship to deliver a transformative framework for museum workforce digital literacy. It is an ambitious 2.5-year collaboration of 17 partners (including Arts Council England and the Museums Association), involving a network of ‘Digital Fellows’ leading action research projects within six museums across the UK.

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