Research into Teaching and Learning

The research theme into teaching and learning was established in 2015, and brings together academics, from the departments across College, who are engaged in research into teaching and learning.

Our research into pedagogic innovation not only informs teaching delivery within our subject disciplines but also contributes to the educational research at a national and international level, as evidenced by membership of higher education committees at organisations including the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Key research areas within the theme include:

  • Flipped Learning
  • Context/Problem-based learning
  • e-learning/blended learning/ virtual learning environments

Currently Funded projects include:

Game apps for learning calculus
We will create mobile application games for students to learn the ideas underlying calculus. In order to improve on the games students will have to understand the principles underlying integration and differentiation and be able to apply these with greater and greater speed. The application will have three levels of engagement: the first at a purely kinaesthetic level, playing a game by tapping the screen; the second with numbers that can be adjusted to produce similar effects to the tapping; finally a level where the underlying mathematics is engaged with in a more sophisticated way to achieve the best possible performance on the game.


Guidance on ethical approval for pedagogic research

Guidance on Teaching and Learning REF Impact Cases

Example Impact Case 1, 2, 3, 4,

Applying for Teaching Enhancement Project Funding

Contact: the theme leader for research into Teaching and Learning is Dr Sarah Gretton (Centre for Interdisciplinary Science)

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