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ChemistryChemistry Research

Our forensic research reopened 'cold cases' by revealing fingerprints on bullets. What evidence will you uncover?

Dr John Bond in our Department of Chemistry developed a ground breaking technique that is able to analyze fingerprints on spent cartridge casings even after they've been wiped clean. Sweat corrodes metal, so by applying an electrical charge and a fine carbon powder to the corroded area, a fingerprint can still be revealed.

EngineeringEngineering Research

We are developing cutting edge technology for helicopter rotor blades. Where will your innovation take you?

Researchers in the Department of Engineering are designing a complex control system which coordinates new devices for helicopter rotor blades. The devices, which must be precisely controlled, reduce vibration meaning that instruments last longer and passenger discomfort and pilot fatigue are reduced.

GeographyGeography Research

We revealed that biofuels may not be as eco-friendly as first thought. What assumptions will you challenge?

Research by the Department of Geography into greenhouse gas emissions from oil palm plantations has calculated a more than 50% increase in levels of CO2 emissions than previously thought - and warned that the demand for 'green' biofuels could actually be costing the Earth.

GeologyGeology Research

We are redefining the ages of the Earth. What ideas will you challenge?

In the Department of Geology the concept of the Anthropocene, the age of man, has been identified as one of the top 10 new ideas of our time. University of Leicester geologists are leading the way in investigating whether the Earth has entered this new epoch. This research is changing our view of humanity's place in geological time.

InformaticsCompSci Research

We helped an alien scout discover a virtual Earth in 80 days. Which worlds will you discover?

Staff in the Department of Informatics have been researching how to transform educational computer games so they offer a real gaming experience, as well as effective learning opportunities. They have helped to develop a new game, used to teach geography, in which the player guides an alien around our planet.

MathematicsMathematics Research

We are using mathematical techniques to solve the puzzle of icy dust in outer space. What theory will you pioneer?

Professor Nikolai Brilliantov from the Department of Mathematics has developed a mathematical model which explains for the first time the enormous plume of dust and water which erupts into space from the South Pole of Enceladus, Saturn's sixth-largest moon.

Physics and AstronomyPhysics Research

We are pushing the boundaries 1.7 million miles away. How far will you go?

A Leicester-built instrument has been operating in space every year since 1967. When NASA's Juno spacecraft left Earth in August 2011 to investigate the aurorae of Jupiter the Department of Physics and Astronomy were once again closely involved. 


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